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Chihuahua Facts

Long Haired Chihuahua Facts

When people think about chihuahuas, they often picture the more common short-haired ( or smooth coat) type. Long haired chihuahuas deserve some recognition too! They have all the spunk and energy of short haired chihuahuas, and they come with extra fluff. What’s not to like? Long Haired Chihuahua Facts Many people may wonder how long …

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overweight fawn chihuahua dog

Obese Chihuahua Facts

Are Overweight Chihuahuas Unhealthy? Just as with humans, being overweight can bring on a number of health issues that your dog may have to deal with. Check out our main post that showcases all our chihuahua fact articles! Because additional weight can put stress on joints and bones, your pup may have to deal with …

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chihuahua puppy walking

8 Interesting Baby Chihuahua Facts

  Facts About Chihuahua Puppies Chihuahuas are among the most popular dog breeds due to their small size, their vivacious personalities, and their unique facial features. These traits make them seem eternally puppy-like. But what are Chihuahuas like as puppies? It turns out that Chi babies have a number of characteristics that set them apart …

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