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Chihuahua Products

tiny chihuahua puppy on potty pad

Should You Use Puppy Pads?

  I know doggy pee pads have their place. I used them at different times for different circumstances.  But I prefer having my dogs do their business outside. Then my chihuahua Lucy came into my life when she was 11 months old. The lady I got her from assured me she would go potty outside …

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Gifts for the Chihuahua Lover

If you, or someone you know loves the chihuahua dog breed, this gift guide will give you plenty of ideas of what to buy for them (or yourself). In researching for this, I found so many cute chihuahua gifts, it was really hard to pare it down. Just Chihuahua Puppies 2020 Chihuahua Wall Calendar I …

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