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Memorial Gifts for Grieving Chihuahua Parents

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Losing your Chihuahua is one of the most painful experiences you may have in your life. When a friend or family member loses their Chi, there is often not much that can be done to heal the wound other than giving them time, but offering them a gift is a concrete way to let them know that you are thinking about them during this difficult time.

This article contains some ideas to offer a sympathy gift categorized by gift type, as well as tips to console a grieving Chi parent.

Memorial Garden Gifts

Memorial garden gifts are an excellent way to show you care without breaking the bank. Choose one memorial garden type gift, then choose a packet of flower seeds. Offer to help create a memorial garden in the memory of the beloved Chihuahua; either in a part of a yard or in a flower pot to put on a deck or porch. Consider purchasing a nice pot if your loved one does not have a yard, or invite them to go shopping for a pot. This project can also be a good distraction for your grieving loved one.

This memorial stone is so classy:

I love this one so much and it’s at a great price:


How sweet is this little chi angel:

Cool weathervane:


Sweet little angel:

This one has sad eyes:

I would love to get this one for my garden of my little Kilo that has passed away:

I love this little statue:

 How cool are these windchimes!

I like this garden stake:

Memorial Jewelry Gifts

Memorial Jewelry is a way to carry the memory of a beloved Chi in a tangible way, which many pet parents find comfort in doing:

Pretty little heart, chi. initial necklace:

Love this personalized necklace:


What do you think about this necklace?

 Another sweet personalized necklace:








Memorial Art and Home Decor Gifts

A custom piece of art or a special decor piece makes a beautiful memorial display in your loved one’s home:












Memorial Comfort Gifts

For many pet parents, their Chi was their teddy bear or security blanket. For those pet parents, these unique gifts may bring some comfort:






The Original Plush Cuddle Clone is a custom stuffed animal made to look like your pet. Though on the pricey side, some of my readers have told me the quality of their Plush Cuddle Clone was well worth the money they paid.


Tips To Help A Grieving Chihuahua Parent

Here are some tips to console someone who has lost their Chihuahua:

Invite them out to do an activity.
Losing your Chihuahua can make being home difficult because the average pet parent spends the most time with their dog while they are home. By inviting someone out to do a fun activity, you can offer a momentary distraction and take them out of the environment where they may be missing their Chihuahua the most.

Offer to help with a specific thing.
When a grieving person is offered “help for whatever they need”, they may be too grief-stricken, or uncomfortable asking, for help with what they really need assistance with.

For example, some people may struggle with seeing their Chihuahua’s things around their home but feel guilty putting them away. Consider asking if they would like help packing up their Chihuahua’s things, or dropping off a donation of dog supplies to a rescue, or anything else you think they may need depending on their situation. Be sure to explain your thoughts behind the offer to avoid offending them.

Create opportunities to do good.
Creating a silver lining is a way to offer some comfort to a grieving pet parent. Some ways to do this are:

    • Tell them about ways their Chihuahua brought you joy or your favorite memories of their Chi.
    • Volunteer with Chihuahuas in need in their dog’s honor, and consider inviting them to join you.
    • Donate to a Chihuahua rescue in their dog’s honor.

The gift does not have to be extravagant.
If an expensive gift is not in your budget, do not feel that giving a gift is not an option for you. The thought behind the gift is what matters. Consider something kind rather than pricey; picking wildflowers, offering emotional support on a walk, making a meal, offering a listening ear, or making a memorial video.

Do not suggest that they get another dog.
Some pet parents choose to get another dog right away, others need time to heal. When they are ready they will choose to get another dog. If your loved one needs time, the thought of another dog may be very painful for them.


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Grieving over Your Dog’s Passing

Losing a Chihuahua or any fur baby is a very difficult experience, sometimes more so than other dogs because of how long the breed may live. By sending a gift to a grieving pet parent, you can let them know that you care.


Roy E Bradshaw

Friday 9th of February 2024

I can not find this one of a Chihuahua in the Clouds. Can you give me an item number so I can order this style?

Cathy Bendzunas

Friday 9th of February 2024

I assume you are talking about the picture with the blue background? If you click on the photo or link below it, it will take you to where to buy it on Etsy. I just tried and the links work for me but there is only one picture left so if you want it, get it soon.