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Chihuahua Training

3 toned chihuahua looking anxious

Anxiety in Chihuahuas

Chill Out! How to Help Your Stressed-Out Chihuahua In today’s world, many of us dog owners have high-stress lifestyles – the demands of work, home, and family can really ramp up our anxiety level. What about our dogs, however – is it possible for our Chihuahuas to experience anxiety like we do? The simple answer, …

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shy chihuahua under a blanket

How to Train a Shy Chihuahua

Training the Timid or Shy Chihuahua Chihuahuas are notoriously known as one person dogs. They tend to velcro themselves to a person they bond to, and only tolerate other humans around them. But what happens when your bonded Chihuahua is timid or shy and has difficulties during training sessions? There are a few things you …

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chihuahua in dress barking

Chihuahua Barking

THE YAPPING CHIHUAHUA: HELPING THE EXCESSIVE BARKER Small breed dogs, especially Chihuahuas, are well known for their habitsof barking more than their larger brethren. Barking at sounds, people, other dogs, the doorbell, and even when left home alone can become embarrassing, annoying, and uncomfortable for the humans in the household. Neighbors may become upset when …

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