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A Special Needs Chihuahua Named Brownie

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“Our Special Needs Chihuahua, Brownie”  by Anne Copeland

Brownie the chihuahua
Brownie is one of two sisters, the other Dolly, born from Mama (also called Tippy). Now Tippy is half their size, and likely an apple head. Dolly and Brownie are two deer heads. There was one other one born first, and that was a boy puppy, but he was stillborn. So Dolly came out next and then little Brownie.
Since it took little Mama a long time to have her babies, Brownie might not have gotten enough oxygen during birth. It is hard to say. Brownie has both eye ducts compacted, and she is very quiet.
I believe she is developmentally challenged which I can recognize since I have worked with developmentally challenged children, youth and adults for many years.
But she is such a love and she really loves my significant other and her human father, Richard. She manages to climb up on his chest and nests her little head under his head and snuggles him and then licks him with lots of kisses.
Brownie the chihuahua
She comes to me too but is more shy with me so gives me a hug like she does Richard, but then tries to get down and of course I let her. She will come to us many times during the day. She always hangs back when the others are getting a treat, so we go to her and give it to her and she stays where she is and eats it.
Sometimes she does humorous things like bringing a dry peanut butter biscuit to bed with her. She doesn’t eat it, but she guards it quietly, sleeping with it under her chin with it all night.
I am a sucker for special needs children, youth, adults and animals, and I am glad that we have her because we understand her sweet and quiet little personality.
We do not have a single animal that we do not love with all our hearts, special needs or not. To us, she is one of God’s children and deserving of love all her life like all the rest of our “children.”

Brownie the chihuahua

Thank you all for letting me share our special needs girl, Brownie. We enjoy the newsletter very much.
Anne Copeland