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Adorable Puppies Play Together

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Take a cute puppy break and watch these adorable little balls of fluff play with each other! Not sure if Momma Chi is all that interested in her babies but maybe she’s trying to wean them off of her.
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Lori Corbett

Sunday 31st of March 2019

Hi everyone, I have 1 female chi that is my entire life. My daughter got her as a puppy for mothers day 15 years ago for me . A year later she got Male chi. He was adorable. About 1 year ago he passed away from a Brain tumor. We all miss this little guy with all our hearts. Well, when my little girl was about 2, my daughter came over with her cute little man. Well as you all know what happened!! Yep, we got 4 puppies. I fell in love with them all. So I have 3 of them. My sister took one. They all are now old little babies and I cant even imagine my life with out any of them. These are the best pups in the world. My mommy dog is a still like a puppy.


Monday 1st of April 2019

It sounds like you have a nice little chi family there Lori.