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Thinking About Getting a Chihuahua? Advice from real Chi Owners

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Are you considering adding a Chihuahua to your family? We’ve gathered insights from Chihuahua owners to give you a real-world peek into what it’s like to live with these adorable, spirited dogs.

merle chihuahua puppy.

Where did this Advice Come From?

The advice came from our Facebook page of over 315,000 followers. The question was “What’s the best advice you’d give to a person who is thinking about getting a chihuahua?”

We had 437 comments but about half of that was spam.

Most Common Advice: Companionship Matters

A recurring piece of advice from many Chihuahua enthusiasts is the benefit of having two Chihuahuas instead of one. Owners like Kimberly Johnson simply said, “Get two,” while others like Carol Suchla elaborated: “I would get 2 so they have company.”

This sentiment was echoed by several others, suggesting that Chihuahuas thrive on companionship, both with humans and their canine peers.

The Unique Perspectives: More Than Just a Pet

While the popular advice leans towards the practical side of owning two pets for company, there are unique takes that shed light on the emotional bond Chihuahuas form with their owners.

Rhonda Austin Holcomb beautifully described them as “babies and besties,” highlighting their protective nature and immense capacity for love. Jeanette Newman advised prospective owners to “be ready for more love and laughs than you ever imagined.”

A Word of Caution: Commitment is Key

Amidst the advice, Jerri Bostick reminded us, “It is a big commitment!” Owning a Chihuahua, like any pet, requires time, effort, and emotional investment. Their size might be small, but their needs and personalities are as big as any other dog’s.

white chihuahua puppy eating carrot.

Good Advice

There was some great advice given by some of the respondents that will give prospective chihuahua owners and idea of what to expect and how to prepare:

  • Yelysaveta Dani said: “Not a good pet if you’re out all day working or if you have small children. They require lots of stimulation and get nervous if they don’t have it. Little children may not be gentle with them or attempt to play with them and get snapped at because they’re too rough. They are remarkably loving and entertaining pets in the right living environment.”
  • Kathy Linkey said: “learn the Chihuahua shuffle (slide your feet instead of stepping). Saves your babies from possibly getting stepped on. As they grow up, most learn to watch out for feet, but as babies, they get right underfoot. (Actually, it’s a good idea to Chihuahua shuffle with all puppies and kittens.)”
  • Hester Winchester said: “Get them used to having their teeth brushed! And brush them!”
  • Cheryl Nortz said: “Don’t get it online too many scammers.” We do have an article on how to buy a dog online without getting scammed.
  • George Carron said: “Don’t get mad when they bark at every noise. They think that they are protecting you.”
  • Cheryl Carter Kirk said: “They are companion dogs and do not like to be left alone for lengths of time. They want to be with you and they need to be.”
  • Diana Hill said: “Be very prepared and very patient. Can be very stubborn but so very loveable.”
  • Irene Fitch said: “Chihuahuas are the longest living breed so make sure you can commit to caring for and loving him/her for 17-20 years!”
  • Tina Norrell Bowden said: “They are the hardest to potty train in my opinion. Ours are 11 and 12 and still not potty trained no matter how hard we have tried.”
  • Tams Christoph said: “A chi has a strong personality so be a leader. We have 6 chi and chi mixes. There is no doubt I am the mama and I am the leader of the pack. And have a sound (or action if they are deaf) which associates with displeasure at what they are doing.”
  • Brandy Epps said: “Very loyal and wants and needs plenty of love in return, like plenty😂😊. Be patient with them, mine is laid back but his feelings are easily hurt. Be very gentle with them.”
  • Sherry OkieGal said: “Never let them out alone, a hawk tried to get sis inlaw’s chichi.”
  • Jim Grutzmacher said: “Socialize them extensively, both kids and other dogs, and walk them.”
  • Rebecca Perez said: “If you have kid , school them on how to handle them. They are timid and fragile and very territorial.
  • Jeynelle Dean-Hayes said: “Socialise and train them early. They are stubborn little darlings and it can be tough to change a bad habit later.”
  • Jim Burlingame said: “Just know they bark at anything and everything.”
  • Valerie Anne Mallder said: “Do it!! But … Don’t baby them! Socialize them, don’t carry them all the time, make them walk past scary things (patiently, of course). Don’t yell at them, just use a stern or deeper than normal voice if you need to. Do everything you can to give them a variety of experiences that help them build their confidence. You won’t regret it. Train them early. Hire a trainer if you need help.”

Fun Stats from Fellow Chihuahua Owners

Diving into the world of Chihuahua advice, we’ve uncovered some interesting statistics that paint a picture of what current owners think:

  1. Double the Fun: The phrase “get two” was mentioned in 5 different comments, underscoring the popular recommendation to have a pair of Chihuahuas for companionship. Other comments mentioned getting another pet so your chihuahua wouldn’t be alone.
  2. Love in Abundance: The word ‘love’ appeared 21 times in various comments, highlighting the affectionate nature of Chihuahuas and the deep emotional connection owners feel with their pets.
  3. Loyalty is Key: The word ‘loyal’ came up 6 times, pointing to a significant appreciation for the loyalty and dedication these small dogs show to their human families.
  4. A Big Commitment: Despite their small size, the importance of commitment in pet ownership was emphasized, with the word ‘commitment’ mentioned a few times, a gentle reminder of the responsibility that comes with a Chihuahua.
  5. Protectors at Heart: Even in their tiny frames, Chihuahuas are known for being protective, a quality that was specifically mentioned in the comments.
chihuahua puppy nibbling on finger.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are swayed by the practical advice of getting two for mutual company or touched by the emotional anecdotes of loyal companionship, one thing is clear: owning a Chihuahua is a unique and rewarding experience.

As you consider welcoming a Chihuahua into your life, remember these insights from those who know and love them best.

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