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Cathleen’s Chihuahua Story of Lucky Louie

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Cathleen's Chihuahua

About a year ago we were blessed with a wonderful addition to our family. A lady in Michigan drove down to meet us with a wonderful ball of fur on her shoulder the whole ride down. We were already in love with him and we had already named him Louie. The name fits him.

Cathleen Miller1

We decided to do the right thing and have Louie nuetered before our other female came into heat this year. We scheduled it, and 4 days before the surgery we caught them together. Never a sign she was coming in heat and it was early from her usual routine.

We knew there was nothing we could do at that point except keep them apart and continue with his surgery. What happened next was amazing.

Ginger is a mix of pom & red mini pincher, Louie is a Yorkie/chi mix, but the vet lists him as 100% chi, and he look and acts the part. The amazing things in 2 weeks ago ginger gave birth to 4 babies, ALL boys!!

One little spotted and 3 identical white little balls of fur, we believe they are triplets because we can not tell them apart at all.

Cathleen Miller2

Louie is an excited daddy. He tries to catch a glimpse when he can. He doesn’t know what to do when they whine, but he is eagerly awaiting the day they can play together. They all resemble him 100% so far.


Cathleen Miller3

We are keeping the little spotted one and have named him Ceasar, he was the runt and last born. So we called him Little Ceasar. Like the pizza place, which is even funnier because my BIL works as a manager at one. I didn’t make the connection until later, but it’s hilarious to us.Cathleen Miller4

I am in awe of these puppies. I’ve never helped birth a litter and it will be the only one he sires, but it was the most beautiful accident that could have happened.

All pups were spoken for within 24 hours of their birth because of the parents gentle natures and personalities which we will do our best to bestow on the puppies as we socialize them.They will each get wonderful loving forever homes where I can watch them grow up online with local families.  I call Louie lucky.. by some kind of grace he fathered a mini me, and 3 triplets. How amazing!!

Cathleen Miller

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