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Cats and Chihuahuas

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Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? Sometimes they do! They can become the best of friends or just tolerate each other. Either way, there are lots of families that have both cats and dogs. I had a beautiful Himalayan named Nikki  along with 5 dogs for many years myself.

This gallery post features kitties with Chihuahuas! Enjoy the cuteness!

kitten and Chihuahua

How adorable is this duo? Their names are Cookie and Cat (I’m assuming the kitten is Cat). Sonja Ramona Schröder is the pet parent.

cat and Chihuahua puppy

Here’s another one from Sonja Ramona Schröder but I don’t know their names. Adorable puppy!

Maxine and Lucy the cat and Chihuahua

This is Maxine and Lucy. With their similar coloring, they look like sisters, don’t they? Sharon Gray Lynn Baker is their mommy.

Chihuahua and cat

Look at these 2 sharing the back of the couch. Such pretty faces! Billy Nicholson‎ is the pet parent.

Tobi and Kiki the Chihuahua and cat

This is Tobi and Kiki. Their mom Bonnie Thibodeaux‎ says they love each other but Tobi doesn’t look too thrilled to have Kiki up in his chair here, does he?

Charlie and Buttercup the Cat and the Chihuahua

I love this photo of Buttercup and Charlie. Buttercup is rubbing up against Charlie and Charlie is wanting to play. So cute! Sharon Pierson Taylor is their mom.

Boots and Angel the cat and Chihuahua

These 2 sleepy fur babies are Boots and Angel.  Anne Taylor is their mom.

The rest of these photos are either stock photos or photos readers have sent me but I don’t have any info about them.

chi and cat

This is just a stock photo I had in my files. The cat licking it’s lips makes me wonder if it wants to eat the Chi. LOL

cat and chi

Another cute stock photo. That chi is so completely relaxed with a cat on his back.

cat and dogs looking up

I wonder what these 3 are looking at? Treats maybe?

chi and cat

The Chihuahua is using the cat as a pillow. Complete trust!

chi pup and cat

I love this picture. So sweet!

cat and chi

Here’s another one where the kitty is being used as a pillow. Love them!

puppy and kitten

Isn’t this puppy and kitten precious? I just want to kiss their little noses.

That’s it for the Cat and Chi post. Do you have a cat along with dogs too?  Do they get along? I’d love to see a photo of them. just leave it in the comments if you want or just tell us about your little fur family, if you’d rather.


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