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Chihuahua Halloween Gallery for 2016 Part 2

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Well here we are with Part 2 with 15 adorable Chihuahua Halloween photos for you. You can find Part 1 here: Chihuahua Halloween Gallery Part 1.

Hope you enjoy it!
Here we have pretty little Pepper dressed in her spider and bat outfit. She belongs to Bill Boswell.

Justis Rosales submitted her little Benny wearing his Ninja Turtle costume. So cute!

This little lobster in the pot has to be my favorite costume. I don’t know the dog’s name but he/she belongs to Grace Bohlke.

This cutie is Oscar and he belongs to Pamela Lahey.

This little sweetie belongs to Jennifer Perrin Gorski and her name is Lola.

Look at this little honeybee. So sweet! Her name is Chloe and she belongs to Sara Bowen.

Yoda makes an adorable skunk, doesn’t he? Yoda belongs to Melissa Bleser.

Oh my goodness! How cute is this little pumpkin? Amy belongs to Connie Dendy.

With those gorgeous big ears, Jules Vega makes a perfect Batman, doesn’t he? He belongs to Elaine Cobb.

Little Ashlee makes a lovely Doggy Pawton (Dolly Parton). She belongs to Colleen Murphy-O’Dell.

Gayla Crago shared her little Hawaiian angels.

I would set this adorable little prisoner free wouldn’t you? Snickers belongs to Elaine Cobb.

I know this picture is a little fuzzy but it was just too cute not to share. Penelope is a loofah sponge and she belongs to Trisha Romano.

Sandra Jones shares her photo of her and her little witch. So cute!

Lorena Gomez shares her little Pappino (and friend) being a ferocious lion.

So which one is your favorite? Feel free to share your Halloween photo in the comments if you’d like!

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Chihuahua Halloween Gallery for 2016 | I Love My Chi

Monday 31st of October 2016

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Two French Bulldogs

Monday 31st of October 2016

Cute! Happy Halloween Lily & Edward


Monday 31st of October 2016

Thanks Lily and Edward! Happy Halloween to you too!