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Chihuahua Halloween Gallery for 2016

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When I did a call out for photos for this Halloween Gallery post, I never expected to get so many adorable Halloween chihuahua photos. We had 185 entries! Although I wish I could feature every single adorable chihuahua in this post but I don’t think my site could handle it. So I had the very difficult decision to narrow it down to 30 photos. And even then I had to break up into 2 posts. Here is the first one.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

This first photo is of 4 little pups belonging to Lou. Their names are Bella, Tanna, Avee and Sophee.


Next we have this cute little dinosaur belonging to Krystie Malnar.

Isn’t Goldilocks and 2 of her bears adorable? They belong to Lili Ramirez and their names are Binx, Bella and Brody.

Jason Herlihy submitted this photo of Yoda and Tissa doing a beach theme.

Not sure if this is a troll or an elf outfit but either way P-Nut is rocking it. Submitted by April Clendening Sanders

These cuties are Buddy, Honey and Faline. They belong to Kelly Ann Aynes.

Jean Williams is the mom of  these 2. This is Angel and Porter the crime fighting duo.

This pretty girl belongs to Charlene Pitre.

This little devil is named Diva and belongs to Donna Archer.

Mr. T says “I pity the fool who breaks the law!” He is loved by Stacy Danford.

Of course no Halloween post would be complete without a Chihuahua in a taco costume. Sheba belongs to Audrey D. Arthur.

Josie makes such a pretty princess. She belongs to Cyndi Lauriano.

Here’s a costume I haven’t seen before. This is Miya dressed as Merada from Brave. Debbie Bretzman is the mommy.

Jennifer Hafner says these cuties are part of her zoo.

This is such a cute idea of a monkey and a banana. This is Piglet and Muskrat and they belong to Tanya Harris-Stevens.

That’s it for Part 1! Here’s the link for Part 2: Chihuahua Halloween Gallery Part 1
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Chihuahua Halloween Gallery for 2016 Part 2 | I Love My Chi

Monday 31st of October 2016

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