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Dads and Chihuahuas

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I really enjoyed making this post. I love nothing better than seeing a big ol’ he-man with a tiny little Chihuahua. Who says Chihuahuas aren’t for men? I think all these awesome guys would beg to differ! So in honor of upcoming Fathers Day, here is my tribute to all the daddies out there with their Chihuahuas! Chihuahua and her daddyThis little lady is Maya with her daddy. This was submitted by Violette Torre-Bravo.   Chloe the Chihuahua with her sick daddyGeorge Kelm says when he was sick, he sweet Chihuahua Chloe kept him company.   2 Chihuahuas with their dadRobin Brown submitted this photo of her husband with their 2 Chis Phoebe and Chandler. They were at Bikeweek in Daytona Beach when this photo was taken.   dad with 2 ChihuahuasThis is John Almstedt‎ hanging out with his 2 Chihuahua girls Judy and Jeannie.   Saffy the Chihuahua with dadLove this photo. You can feel the love, can’t you? This is Saffron (AKA Saffy) and her daddy Rob Panos.   Darby the Chihuahua and her dadGabriel Moya‎ says his Chi Darby loves to hang out on his shoulder like a parrot. Cute!   Dalila the ChihuahuaThis little Chi is named Dalila Sancho Garcia‎ and she lives in Spain. I’m not totally sure this is her daddy but he looks like he loves her. Dalila lives in Spain.   Shelsea the Chihuahua with dadThis is Roberto Hdez Albarrán‎ with his Chihuahua Shelsea.   Princess the Chihuahua and her dad RalphThis is Princess with her daddy Ralph Sutliff.   Mia the Chihuahua with her dadWe have lots of little “parrots” that like sitting on their dad’s shoulders don’t we? This is Mia and her daddy Jeffrey Riley‎.   Zoey the Chihuahua and her dadThis is Zoey perching on her dad’s shoulder waiting for her mom to get home. her dad is Richard Brushia Jr.‎   Chihuahua and dadI love this photo of these two. They both look like they are smiling. Amy Bassitt Waara submitted this photo.   Mickey the Chihuahua and dadThis little Chi taking a nap with his daddy is Mickey. His dad is Jim Robinson.   Chihuahua and dadBob Rickabaugh is a familiar face in our community. Here he is taking a nap with his little girl Chi. I can’t remember her name though. So sweet.   Chloe the Chihuahua and her dad I love Chloe’s owl sweater. James Starkey‎ says Chloe was recently rescued. She had been abused and even had her tail broken off, poor baby!   Ginger the Chihuahua and dadThis is Ginger sitting with her daddy Bryan Waters.   Chihuahua and dadThis is John Almstedt‎ with his little Chihuahua friend.   Millie the Chihuahua and her dadSay hello to Millie sitting with her dad Ed Rangel‎. [wp_ad_camp_1] Judy the Chihuahua with her dad Judy is loving on her daddy here. He is John Almstedt.   Chihuahua and dadAmy Ashlee Ezell‎ submitted this photo of her boys enjoying some rays!   Zero the Chihuahua and his dadAdorable little Zero is 6 weeks old in this photo. His daddy is Derek Yelton‎.   Chihuahua and dadI don’t know anything about the adorable little Chi but the dad is Benoit Deslauriers‎.   Skippy the Chihuahua and dadLittle Skippy and his dad Adam Scott Sims are taking a break from a long road trip in this photo.   2 Chihuahuas and their dadBeth Jones submitted this photo of her two Chihuahuas Chica and Lil’ bit with their daddy. She says they really love their dad. You can tell!   Cheech the Chihuahua and his dadLittle Cheech is cuddling with his dad Joe Frank‎ here.   Sara Jane the Chihuahua with her dad3 year old Sara Jane loves riding in the truck with her daddy Christopher S Cheak.   Tika the Chihuahua with her dadLittle Tika is having her birthday dinner with her dad in this photo. Submitted by Pamela D Witt‎.   8 Chihuahuas and their fatherPenny Overmyer‎ submitted this photo of her husband with their 8 Chihuahuas. Yes there are 8 of them!   Boogie and her dad Little Boogie is not only completely adorable, she also helps her dad Tony Dickerson‎ with his night terrors from PTSD from the military. She wakes him up before they get physical and really bad. Good girl Boogie!   Chezbot the Chihuahua and dadChezbot the Chihuahua is with dad Ronee. Photo submitted by Tessa Curry.   3 Chihuahuas with their dadTeresa Harris‎ shared this photo of her husband with their 3 Chihuahuas: Pippo, Bonz and Benny. All 3 are rescues.   Chihuahua and dadThis is Phillip Mcclendon with his sweet Chi.   Chihuahua and father What a sweet picture! This was submitted by Jessica Walker.   Prince the Chihuahua and his dadRichard B. Bernal shared a photo of his Chihuahua Prince and himself.   Chihuahua and fatherI don’t know the name of the little Chihuahua but the dad is James Head‎.   Maggie the Chihuahua and her dadIsn’t Maggie pretty? She is with her daddy Kevin L. Park II.   Pepe the Chihuahua and his dadLast but not least we have little Pepe on a shopping trip with his dad Patrick Coyne here.


So do you have a favorite? I find it hard to choose.


Suzanne Hill-Tripp

Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

GREAT Father's Day pics !!! Thank you!


Monday 29th of June 2020

Glad you enjoyed them Suzanne!

Lucie A Leniston

Saturday 20th of June 2020

I'm always surprise to see guys with little dogs - so sweet!


Tuesday 28th of March 2017

this is my Cookie


Tuesday 28th of March 2017

Aww, yall looks so cute together James!

Kimberly Barton

Sunday 27th of December 2015

Butter, Jellie, Miss Kitty and Gucci with daddy Rich


Sunday 27th of December 2015

They all look so cute together!


Sunday 27th of December 2015

The girls love their daddy!!! Butter, Jellie, Miss Kitty and Gucci with daddy Rich.