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Dog Diapers? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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dog-diapersDog diapers are no longer a foreign concept to pet parents. Dog diapers or belly bands can be an extremely useful solution to numerous canine problems at the various stages of his or her life. Right from the puppy stage, when you bring home your pooch as a pup until he is old; a dog diaper or a belly band will come in handy at multiple occasions. Dog diapers are designed to improve the quality of their life when they are going through some hard times and also helps minimize the messes. They are used for both medical as well as behavioural reasons, which are enlisted below:

  1. Incontinent dog:

As age takes a toll on your furry friend, they might develop a medical condition like a weakened urinary sphincter muscle, a urinary tract infection, leaky bladder, and conditions like bacterial infections or diabetes, which may render them unable to control the urge to urinate. If you find your pet in a similar situation, it’s best to consult your vet and take appropriate measures to cure the condition. However, if nothing else works dog diapers will surely become a part of your daily life.

  1. Female dogs in heat:

All female dogs have their first heat cycle or estrous cycle when they are around 6 months of age. This may also be 12-18 months for large breeds. During this period she discharges blood, which can become extremely messy. If you are not planning to get your female dog spayed, Pet Parents™ washable dog diapers become the only effective solution. Simply wrap the doggie diapers around your pup’s waist, fasten the Velcro straps, and put her tail in the tail hole and she is ready to rock. After use, simply put on another Pet Parents™ female dog diaper, and throw the soiled one into the wash. Then dry on low heat or air dry. Now, your female’s “special time” no longer has to be a nuisance and your home and your pup can be comfy and clean!

  1. As a house training aid:

Although incontinence and dogs in heat are the two major reasons, dog trainers and vets recommend diapers for, but some pet owners also use dog diapers to house train their dogs. It helps them prevent the furniture and rugs from getting soiled when their pup has not yet been potty trained.


If you could relate to any of the above mentioned reasons, you might probably be thinking of getting diapers for your pooch as well. There are so many types of dog diapers available in the market, that deciding the best fit for your furry friend can be an overwhelming decision. Let walk you through the various types of dog diapers so that you can make a better decision.

Dog Belly Bands

Belly bands are lightweight diapers, which are supposed to be fastened around the waist and physiology of male dogs. These diapers provide an effective solution for male dogs with urinary incontinence.

Full Coverage Dog Diapers

These are the ones that closely resemble the human baby diapers and offer total coverage. Full coverage diapers come with a tail-hole and properly cover the dogs behind, providing a snug fit around the hips. These are just what you need if you have a female dog needing a solution for that “special time”, or if your female dog has urinary incontinence, or if your female or male dog has fecal incontinence.

Washable and Disposable Dog Diapers

Apart from type, diapers are also classified on the basis of material. There are washable dog diapers, which can be easily washed and reused. These are eco-friendly and budget-friendly as well, therefore you might want to keep them as a first choice if it is for long term use (like in case of senior dogs with bladder issues). On the other hand, disposable diapers are perfect for temporary use and also if you are looking for disposable convenience.


No matter what, being a concerned pet parent you would never want your furry friend to face any discomfort of any type. The following tips will help you ensure that your pooch remains comfy and happy even after wearing a diaper all day long.

  • There’s no one size fits all, even in the case of dog diapers. Therefore the first thing that you need to consider before buying dog diapers is the size. An ill-fitting diaper will not only be discomforting for your dog, but will also create more mess than it is supposed to prevent. Carefully measure the waist and weight of your pooch and compare it to the size guide carefully before buying the diaper.
  • Look for dog diapers or male belly bands with fur-friendly fasteners and also consider the inner lining of the diaper. This will help you ensure that it doesn’t cause any rash or skin irritation. Always prefer diapers with soft and absorbent lining.
  • If your dog is suffering from a severe incontinence problem, you should also like to consider the absorbency level of the diaper.
  • When opting for washable dog diapers over disposable dog diapers, consider the timeframe you’ll need the diapers. The longer your pup will need dog diapers the more likely it’s cheaper and better to opt for washable dog diapers.
  • When shopping for washable dog diapers look to see if the product has a sewn in pad or if it requires “pad inserts”. It can be incredibly gross when you have to reach in and pull out a soaked and soiled pad insert. If this is something that you’d prefer not to touch or do, then opt for dog diapers with a sewn in pad. Therefore you won’t have to remove/insert new pads, rather you’ll just throw them in the washer.

The above mentioned tips will help you find the perfect dog diaper for your canine and keep him or her comfy and happy all day long. This information is brought to you by Pet Parents™ a brand made by pet parents just like you. You can check out their line of washable dog diapers by clicking the following link to their dog diapers. They also have bright colored diapers in extra small sizes.


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

No diaper that I have tried works for my female dog that has incontenance .


Saturday 20th of January 2024



I was hoping there was more on this thread, because I've been wondering how they could be effective when the source of the pee is right next to the tail (and diaper hole)...I would like to get my newly blind female chihuahua who has started peeing in the house diapers, but how would they work when those two things are right next to each other? And is there a particular brand you recommend? Thank you for any further advice you can provide.


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

What about the diaper isn't working for you?

Helen Adcock

Friday 8th of December 2017

if you are using a Dog Diaper regularly just trim the hair of that dog diaper area where you dog feels easy wearing a dog diaper which indirectly helps a Dog owner.