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How to Have a Beautiful Garden and a Happy Chihuahua

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With 77% of American’s now regularly gardening, more of us than ever before are taking care of our gardens,  spending on average $503 on garden related items.

xhihuahua in a garden of flowers

But looking after your garden with a lively Chihuahua around is not always such an easy task.

From tearing up your lawn to digging up your flowers and plants, keeping your garden pristine when you have a Chihuahua can be challenging. But it is possible to have a beautiful garden and a happy Chihuahua.

Teach Your Dog Good Behaviors

While there are certain things you can do to help maintain a beautiful garden, training your Chi is probably the most important thing you can do. You need to teach them that the plants along with the rest of the garden are not toys.

That may sound easier said than done but start by trying to make sure that every time they head into the garden, they are calm. If they are calm then their first reaction to being outside shouldn’t be to immediately lash out at the first plant they see.

If they do seem stressed, then perhaps take them into the garden on their leash until they calm down or take them off on a walk.

Give Them Somewhere to Relax and Play

chihuahua siting in yellow flowers

Chihuahuas love to play, but if you are busy tending to the garden, then keep some dog toys out in the garden for them that they can play with and hopefully distract them from playing with your plants instead.

Transform sheds or portable buildings into dens where your Chi can relax, play or even enjoy a cuddle with you. Make it cozy with blankets and cushions so you can both get comfortable and enjoy looking out over your garden.

Having an outside space like this is also useful to ensure your Chihuahua stays cool in the summer as they can stay in the shade while you work in the garden, or they can warm up in winter snuggling into the warm blankets.

Ensure Your Grass Stays Green

2 chihuahua dogs wearing dresses in grass and flowers

Keeping your grass lush and green isn’t always easy with a Chihuahua in the household.

To prevent brown patches, pour water over where your dog has just relieved themself to dilute the nitrogen in their urine to stop it scorching the grass and plants.

Though this wouldn’t be cost-effective with a large yard, if you want to have a lawn but with minimal effort, switch to artificial grass. You can just blast the grass with water to wash off any muck left by your dog and it’s good as new again.

Take Care When Picking Plants

chihuahua sitting in flower bed

When you pick your plants, keep your dog in mind. You’ll need to make sure that whatever you buy is not poisonous to animals in case your dog eats it.

Did you know that buttercups, delphiniums, and Foxgloves are all poisonous to dogs? Many flowers and plants can be toxic to dogs so make sure you check first before you plant anything.

Look for plants that have edible flowers such as roses and violets, along with the majority of fruits and vegetables.

Dogs, even little chihuahuas, can crush plants so choose either fully grown plants or young specimens. These are much hardier than growing from seed.

Just by spending a little time and effort teaching your Chihuahua about what is not acceptable in the garden, use artificial grass, pick the right plants and provide a safe haven for them to play and cuddle in and you will hopefully find that your Chihuahua and your garden will both thrive.