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How I Got My First Chihuahua

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I have always been a dog person. My mother said when I was a baby in my stroller, I would get so excited and squeal whenever we came upon a dog.  I have always had dogs, and most of the time more than one dog.

I grew up with Poodles. I fell in love with Yorkies as a teen and began to show and breed them in the 80’s. After awhile, it seemed rescues and strays came my way so now I mostly own mutts. Except for my Chihuahua Kilo.

I have actually known Kilo since she was a small puppy. My neighbors across the street bought her from a breeder when she was 6 weeks old. I remember wondering if that was a good idea being that they had 5 kids, 3 of who were under 5 years of age.

I think I saved Kilo’s life at least a half dozen times the first half of her life. With so many people living in her house, she was always slipping out, either through the door or the backyard gate when someone didn’t close it properly.

Since I work at home and am in my home office during the day, I would sometimes hear a little high pitched bark. When I looked outside, I would see a tiny black dog barking her head off, standing in the middle of the road. Not a good idea on our road where, although the speed limit is 25 MPH, many speed by at about 50.


There were times where I had to literally run out in the road with my hands flailing, trying to stop traffic because Kilo was so small and blended in with the color of the road, I knew drivers would never see her there. Then I would take her back to her house or if no one was home, take her to mine until her family came home.

When Kilo was about 6 years old, her family moved away to Kansas and decided they couldn’t take her with them. They gave her to friends who had another small dog (can’t remember the breed). That only lasted a few days until these people brought her to us. They said Kilo and their dog didn’t get a long at all and they were told by our former neighbors to bring her to me if they couldn’t keep her. Huh? No one told me about this. They must have known I was such a softie that I wouldn’t turn her away. And I didn’t.


I was assured that the neighbor’s oldest daughter would be picking her up in a few weeks. I already had 4 dogs at the time and really wasn’t thrilled taking on a fifth. But hey, it was only going to be a few weeks right? Well that few weeks has turned into 6 years.

Kilo passed in July 2017 and though I have a new chihuahua and a chi-mix, I still miss her everyday.  Through Kilo, I have fallen in love with the Chihuahua breed and would love to have a few more eventually. There is just something special about these little dogs.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Remember, I’d love to publish your story too about your Chihuahua or Chihuahuas. Email your story and any photos (we need at least one) you want to share along with it to and put Chihuahua Story in the subject line.

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