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Mike’s Story

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Mike Arthurs

Hi my name is Mike Arthurs and this is Pedro Loco Arthurs. He is my first chihuahua. He was giving to me from my wife for a early Valentine’s day gift.

He was born November 28 2012. He is a hand full. Even so I love him. He is super active and a dare devil. He’s a very loving puppy who gets lots of love from our five kids.
Mike Arthurs1
I have never owned a puppy or been in charge of his training. When I met my wife to be she had two indoor poodles. Gabbi and Zandri. So they were my first taste of an indoor dog. I fell in love with both of them. Then the day after Christmas 2012 Zandri passed away. I never have hurt so much over a animal dieing. I knew then I am a dog lover.

When my wife asked what I want for Valentines Day I said to her surprise a puppy. My whole family is shocked I have taken this puppy and raising as mine. It is such a pleasure to make a dog my friend. Pedro has become just as close as any friend I have. I thank God for dogs. Thanks for listening to my story.


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