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How to Find a Chihuahua Rescue

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Perhaps you have decided to finally get a Chihuahua. Or unfortunately circumstances have occurred that require you to find a new family for your pet. You need to find a Chihuahua rescue. But where do you start?

Closeup of a black chihuahua's face with text that says how to find a chihuahua rescue.

How to Rescue a Chihuahua

If you want to adopt locally, begin with an internet search for “dog rescue” or “Chihuahua rescue near me“, or visit your local animal shelter.

Browse through locally available dogs, as there may be a Chihuahua waiting for you just a few miles from your home. PetFinder can help you locate Chihuahuas who are waiting for their furever homes by distance from your zip code. 

If you do not mind traveling to rescue a Chihuahua, you could widen your search beyond your local area.

National Mill Dog Rescue specializes in rescuing dogs who were part of a puppy mill operation.

As Chihuahuas are a popular breed in the puppy mill industry, they have many rescued chihuahuas needing adoption who are very deserving of a loving home.

Closeup of chihuahua being carried in a woman's shirt.

Adopting a Chihuahua

There are several things to consider before moving ahead with a Chihuahua adoption. Are you truly ready to take on the responsibility?

All dogs are emotional creatures who bond with their families, but the bond between a Chihuahua and its owner is one of the strongest.

To protect your potential Chihuahua and yourself from the heart break of re-homing, consider the following before meeting the Chihuahua you are considering adopting:

  • Can you afford the Chihuahua? Dogs can be expensive: veterinary care, medicine, food, toys, grooming, etc, can really add up.
  • Could you afford an emergency veterinary visit? Do you have $1,000 in savings for emergency surgery? Chihuahuas can be little gluttons, and they may eat something they are not supposed to. Their little legs can be fragile, and they may break a leg.
  • Could you afford your Chihuahua having an expensive medical condition? If you are considering a special needs Chihuahua, be sure to do research on their conditions to see if you can afford caring for them properly. If you are interested in adopting a healthy dog, consider if you could afford a medical condition if they developed one.
  • Do you have enough time for a Chihuahua? Do you enjoy attending parties after work and traveling? Could you take your Chihuahua with you to work and/or the places you usually go? These small dogs can get lonely; he or she would be sad to be alone for long periods of time regularly.
  • How long are you gone everyday? Are you able to take them for potty breaks mid day, or if you couldn’t, can you afford a dog walker?
  • Chihuahuas can live to be 20 years old! Are you ready to care for a Chihuahua for 20 years? Through life transitions, through being in plenty and being in want?
Girl holding fawn chihuahua.

Re-Homing or Surrendering your Chihuahua

Personally Re-homing

Consider that there are many Chihuahuas in need of homes, and some of their situations are urgent. If you are able to, re-home your Chihuahua without surrendering them to a rescue, as there are other Chihuahuas who may need the rescue’s help more.

Begin by considering anyone you know personally who has always been partial to your Chihuahua. If you could trust them to take good care of your dog, ask if they would be interested in adopting your Chihuahua.

PetFinder can also help you find a rescue to re-home your Chihuahua.

Re-homing to a third party

If you will be trying to have your Chihuahua adopted by a third party that you do not know, there are some important guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Always ask for a re-homing fee, as if someone is unwilling to pay it, they are likely not willing to fully commit to caring for your Chihuahua.You could donate the fee to a local dog rescue if you are uncomfortable keeping it.
  • Never hand your Chihuahua to a stranger blindly. Always ask to do a home inspection and see where they will be living. If the potential adopter refuses, this is a red flag.
  • Always ask what veterinarian they plan to use to care for your rescue Chihuahua. If they can answer quickly, they have put thought into caring for the dog properly.
  • NEVER EVER USE CRAIGSLIST. Most dogs re-homed on Craiglist are abused, used as bait dogs or sold to labs.
  • NEVER EVER ADVERTISE YOUR CHIHUAHUA AS FREE TO GOOD HOME. Dog fighters or owners of large carnivorous animals will be waiting to take your free dog to train their fighting dogs or feed their carnivorous pets.

Surrendering to a rescue

If you were unable to re-home your Chihuahua yourself, begin looking for a rescue to surrender them to using a basic online search for a dog rescue. 

Start with these Chihuahua Rescues listed according to state.

Of course do a Google search too, as you may find something in your area not on our list.

When considering if you will be surrendering your Chihuahua to a rescue, keep the following in mind:

  • Always ask to see where your Chihuahua will be living while they wait for their new home.
  • Always ask how their general care, nutrition, grooming, and health care will be handled.
  • Ask about the adoption process; if it is strict, your Chihuahua is more likely to be adopted by a responsible person who truly wants them.

Animal Shelters

This should be a last resort. 

The environment of living in a kennel atmosphere is very difficult for Chis, as they are very social and bonded to people.

Fawn chihuahua behind white bars.

The stress of living in that environment can shut down their personalities, or the fear of it can make them snappy, making it more difficult for potential adopters to see why they are amazing.

A private rescue where they would live in a foster home as they wait to find their forever home is best for their mental and emotional needs.

Chihuahua Rescue Takes Commitment

Adopting a Chihuahua can be one of the best decisions you make! However, you must make sure that you are ready to take on the responsibility of ownership before committing to adopt.

Try not to become emotionally invested before making sure that you can give your Chihuahua a forever home. Re-homing a Chihuahua can be a very difficult experience.

The kindest thing you can do for your Chihuahua rescue is to help them through this transition emotionally, and to do everything you can to make sure their next home is their forever home.

Karen Logan

Sunday 9th of October 2022

I'm retired, live in Maine and looking for a female Chihuahua puppy or young adult. Not finding one in my area. I'm looking forward to having a little companion. She will be pampered. Any leads greatly appreciated. ❤️

Melissa A Tatum

Saturday 13th of August 2022

Am looking for a chihuahua in the alabama area I hve 1 n wanting her to hve a friend..

Karen Bush

Saturday 6th of August 2022

I am looking for a female blonde Chihuahua! I have rescued dogs from owners and 1 year ago I lost my saved Chihuahua. She lived in a hoarder environment. Needless to say I am down to 1 and really would love a Chihuahua. Me and husband are disabled and have a lot of time on our hands, have clothes too for her and lots and lots of love. Please help me find one. I live in Saratoga Springs NY thank u!!

Janet vargas

Tuesday 26th of July 2022

I am looking for a white short haired male chihuahua 4 pounds. I lost my baby due to heart failure. May 9, 2022. He was my service dog for 8 years. I rescued him, but he really rescued me. His name was Romeo, my little love. Could you please help me find another little baby? Thanks I live in Danville Al

John M

Monday 1st of August 2022

@Janet vargas, My wife and I are fostering a 9lb female smooth/short coat deer head Chihuahua, and are looking for a forever home for her. The vet estimated she’s anywhere from 3 to 8 years old. Completely housebroken, doesn’t chew anything, and a very good demeanor for an abandoned Chihuahua. We got her shots and immunizations, and have all the food, cage, and accessories to go with her. Only thing she needs is to be spayed. Let us know if you’re interested, we can send pics.


Tuesday 26th of July 2022

Sorry Janet, I'm not able to find dogs for people. I just write about them and this post should give you some tips on how you can find a new dog. I'm so sorry you lost your little Romeo.

Karla Acton

Saturday 23rd of July 2022

Hi my name is Karla and I am looking for a smooth coat female Chihuahua. I have had the experience of a chihuahua because of my Ozzie. He has been gone for 3 years and I absolutely fell in love with the breed.

John M

Monday 1st of August 2022

@Karla Acton, My wife and I are fostering a 9lb female smooth/short coat deer head Chihuahua, and are looking for a forever home for her. The vet estimated she's anywhere from 3 to 8 years old. Completely housebroken, doesn't chew anything, and a very good demeanor for an abandoned Chihuahua. We got her shots and immunizations, and have all the food, cage, and accessories to go with her. Only thing she needs is to be spayed. Let us know if you're interested, we can send pics.


Saturday 23rd of July 2022

Hi Karla, I hope you are able to find your new chihuahua soon.