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How to Stop Your Chihuahua From Chewing

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How to Stop Your Chihuahua From Chewing

Did you know that a whopping 63.4 million dogs lived in households across the USA as pets in 2022? Of all the dog breeds that make up the American canine population, one of the tiniest, the Chihuahua, is also one of the most popular.

Many a Chihuahua owner has come home from a long day at the office to find that the beloved family pet has chewed everything in sight.

Chihuahuas are naturally more feisty and energetic than other dog breeds and because of this often display what is perceived to be a destructive personality. Regardless of the reason behind the chewing, all dogs can be trained not to engage in destructive behavior, but in order to do so, one has to establish why your precious pooch is wrecking your furniture and other belongings in the first place.

Nervousness and boredom

Chihuahuas tend to be nervous by nature and chew out of pure anxiety. Even seemingly minor things such as bringing new people into the house or getting a new pet can trigger a severe nervous episode. While chewing is a good way to help your pup relax it is important that he is sufficiently trained to only chew on things that are made for that purpose. When dogs are bored, they tend to wreak havoc. Due to their spirited natures, Chihuahuas get bored very easily and will attempt to pass the time by chewing on your favorite pair of slippers or television remote.

Separation anxiety

A tiny, nervous Chihuahua enjoys nothing more than to be fussed over by his human companions. Separation anxiety is one of the most common causes of destructive chewing and usually manifests itself in the form of whining and erratic behavior every time you attempt to leave the house. Similar to a young child, your dog is throwing a fit because he does not want to be left alone and will demand your attention in any way they see fit which, in this case, is chewing.

An abundance of energy

As previously stated, Chihuahuas possess extreme amounts of energy making them a lot more prone to chewing than their more lethargic counterparts. Dogs that are indoor-bound for most of their day are more likely to have excess energy fueling their bad habits than those who enjoy a significant amount of outdoor time every day. Taking your dog for regular walks and spending time outside playing will provide him with a less hostile manner in which to blow off some steam.

How to prevent your Chihuahua from chewing

Firstly, you need to dog-proof your home, just like you would for a toddler. Keep chewable items out of reach, especially things that are dangerous like cords, or toxic like certain houseplants. Secondly, give them alternatives. Invest in some chew toys, preferably different types, to keep things interesting. It can help to rotate the toys, so your Chihuahua doesn’t get bored.

Then there’s training. If you catch your pooch in the act of chewing something they shouldn’t be, don’t lose your cool. Instead, remove the item gently, say ‘no’ in a firm but calm voice, and then replace it with one of their chew toys. When they start chewing on the toy, give them praise and a pat. Over time, they’ll start to understand what’s allowed and what’s off-limits.

You can use a deterrent like Bitter Apple to keep them from chewing furniture. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try.

Also, don’t forget about exercise and mental stimulation. Chihuahuas might be small, but they’ve got lots of energy. Regular walks and playtime can help tire them out and reduce the urge to chew. Try puzzle toys, too, to keep their little minds active.

Remember, consistency is key and it’s important to be patient. Training takes time, but with perseverance, your Chihuahua will eventually become a pro at chewing only the things they’re supposed to. Good luck!


Tuesday 14th of May 2024

Lovely to see you looking healthy Cathy and your little angels basking in your love. God Bless you all.


Monday 12th of March 2018

Hi I am the happy mom of my very first Chi named Angel because she was born on Christmas Eve a year ago. She is the darling of my heart and has such quirky ways which make me laugh ! We live in South Africa.


Monday 12th of March 2018

She looks like a little angel Shirley!