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Is It Normal For Chihuahuas To Snore?

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Is My Chihuahua Actually Snoring?

Chihuahuas make an assortment of sounds, so you may wonder exactly what you are hearing. Here is an example video of a snoring Chihuahua for you to compare to the noises that your Chi is making.

3 sleeping chihuahuas in dog bed

Is It Normal for Chihuahuas to Snore?

Yes, it is normal for Chihuahuas to snore in most cases. Keep in mind that it is rare for any dog to be a silent sleeper, so do not be alarmed when your Chihuahua sleeps anything but silently.

Although our bodies rest much differently, dogs dream comparably as we do, and just like some people may move, twitch or speak in their sleep, dogs may also act out their dreams.

However, in certain dogs, snoring may be the result of a health condition. If your petite pooch has been receiving regular preventative veterinary care and has been snoring regularly between appointments, chances are their snoring is not indicative of a larger issue, with one exception: a foreign object was swallowed and has become lodged in their throat.

Does Your Chi Have A Foreign Object Lodged In Their Throat?


Sometimes dogs may attempt to eat inedible objects, and depending on the size, shape, material, etc of the object, it may become lodged in their throat. If your dog does not usually snore, or begins snoring differently, and exhibits some of the following symptoms, arrange for veterinary care immediately, as these are signs that he or she may have an object lodged in their throat:

  • Your Chi may appear generally uncomfortable and become clingy and fussy.
  • Your Chi may struggle to eat and drink.
  • Your Chi may appear to have difficulty breathing and will cough excessively.
  • Your Chi may swallow or attempt to swallow, and/or drool, excessively.

Reasons Why Chihuahuas Snore

The most common reasons that Chihuahuas snore are:

  • Position. Depending upon how your Chihuahua settles in to slumber, do you notice more or less snoring in a certain position? If so, the angle your Chi is laying in may place pressure on certain parts of their face and throat which impacts their snoring.
  • Breeding. Chihuahuas fall into two categories of physical appearance; deer or apple. Apple Chihuahuas have shorter snouts, which increases the likelihood of their snoring. These Apple Chis may be predisposed to breathing difficulties as a result of their shorter snouts.
  • Allergies or Infections. Conditions that cause inflammation in the mouth or nose, such as dental problems, allergies or infections, may contribute to a Chi’s snoring.
  • Medical Conditions. Medical conditions which contribute to extra weight such as hypothyroidism may cause your Chi to snore.
  • Obesity. An overweight Chi is more likely to snore than his or her associates with healthy body conditions.

How to Reduce Snoring in Chihuahuas

While a snoring Chihuahua can be cute while you’re awake to laugh at the silly sound, if your Chi sleeps in your bed, it might disturb your sleep. The best ways to reduce or potentially prevent snoring is:

Encourage good sleeping positions

chihuahua sleeping on back with legs spread

If you notice that your Chi tends to snore louder in certain positions, do what you can to encourage him or her to sleep in the position that they are the most quiet in.

For example, if your Chi snores the loudest when they roll onto their back in their bed, but not as boisterously on their side on the couch, consider removing their bed from the room if you need some peace and quiet.

Weight management

overweight white chihuahua

Keep your Chihuahua at a healthy weight by measuring out the proper serving of their food for their daily meals, being mindful of how many treats they are getting, and providing daily exercise.

If your Chi is currently obese or overweight, consult with a trusted veterinarian to make a weight loss plan to help your Chihuahua return to the right weight in a healthy way.

Medical treatments

Ensure that your Chihuahua receives preventative care examinations once a year regardless if they appear to be healthy or not, and address any medical conditions discovered promptly.


While snoring is normal in most Chihuahuas, it may not be in some. If you are unsure or if you are concerned, arrange for a wellness examination with a trusted veterinarian to assure yourself of your Chihuahua’s health.

blond woman holding white chihuahua

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Betty Jean

Sunday 26th of February 2023

My Chi puppy, Stellaluna, she’s having moments when she’s calm enough to cuddle with. , Mostly she is in growling and attack mode. I saw a video today saying one of the three worst dogs to have are Chi’s, what!!! We spoke to our vet who showed us how to curl her lips inward so she bites herself. This isn’t something I can do as she moves very fast. I end up putting her in her playpen. I saw results today where we cuddled sweetly and quietly. When will this behavior subside? She was 5 weeks old when she was given to us, born 12/28/22. Any advice at all is great. I had a mixed Chi before the sweetest, lived almost 17 years. Help.


Tuesday 28th of February 2023

5 weeks is way too young to leave her mother so that may have caused some of her aggression. Doggie mommas teach their pups how to act. Some of the reasons for aggression are over-breeding, anxiety, pent-up energy. As soon as you are physically able, you should get Stellaluna in a puppy training class. You can also start on your own by checking out some good training videos on YouTube and practicing at home.