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Should You Let Your Chihuahua Sleep With You

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I have heard the controversy over whether letting your dog sleep with you is a good thing or a bad thing. There are actually good arguments for both letting them sleep with you and having them sleep in their own bed.

There are a few health concerns regarding this practice, typically allergies and the risk of disease transmission both from human to dog and from the dog to human, although it’s a rare occurrence.  chihuahua napping woman sleeping

Benefits to Dog Owners of Sleeping with your Dog

Dogs are Warm: As a matter of fact, dogs have a body temperature about 3-6 degrees higher than humans and so, it just may feel good to sleep close to a dog on a cold night since they can really be an efficient means of getting the bed warm.

Such practices like this brought the term “three dog night” in Canadian Maritime Provinces where nights were usually very cold and it was a standard practice to keep dogs around you on your bed to keep you warm.

Dogs Help Us to Relax: Others claim that when they have a dog lie beside them, the rhythmic breathing of the dog can help to lull them to sleep easily.

In addition, a dog around the bed helps to increase the flow of oxytocin also known as the cuddle chemical.

It’s a hormone that is associated with affection, happiness, relaxation, trust, and psychological stability.

A Feeling of Safety: Some people feel that sleeping with a dog beside them helps them to feel safe and gives them a sense of protection.

It doesn’t matter  the size of the dog, especially when they lie in a dark room alone.

With your light-sleeping canine right by your side, he will alert you of anything out of the ordinary around your home, so you have little or nothing to worry throughout the night.

man sleeping with chihuahua

Benefits to Dogs of Sleeping With their Pet Parent

It Makes Dogs Happy: Some people say that they notice feelings of happiness from their dogs ever since they allowed their dogs to join them on the bed.

Dogs in the wild are known to sleep in packs. And you are the leader of their pack. So they must feel much better having their leader sleeping with them.

They Want to Stretch Out: Most dog beds are designed for circle or curled sleepers. If your dog doesn’t like the doughnut form of her bed as she lies down for the night, she definitely will seek an alternative.

Health Concerns of Sleeping with a Dog

Disease and Parasites: Possibly, the greatest concern dog owner will have about sleeping with their dog is the possibility of contracting a disease or parasites (such as fleas, ticks or worms) from their dogs.

Just be sure you and your pup are healthy and parasite free and all should be fine.

Hurting Your Dog: Being that chihuahuas are so small, you may be afraid you will roll over on him or kick him in your sleep.

If you are an active sleeper, that’s a real possibility. So if you are afraid you will hurt your chi, maybe it would be best to have them sleep in your room, but in their own crate.

Deterrent to Romance: If you sleep with a partner, having dogs in your bed, can make love making awkward.

young woman and chihuahua sleeping in bed

Bottom Line: Letting Your Chihuahua on the Bed is Your Choice!

Even though society as a whole may not necessarily approve of co-sleeping with your dog, due to the many benefits you may gain, I’d go for it if you want to.

If it is your choice whether to allow your Chihuahua on your bed with you, case closed!

I myself, share a queen size bed with my 4 dogs. My 3 littles, Lucas, Lucy and Ziggy each have their own little bed with their own soft blanket and they take up much of one side of my bed.

Then Roxy, my big border collie sleeps at the end of the bed.

My dogs are kind enough to leave me the other half of the bed. But on cold nights, I may have one or more snuggling under the covers with me.

So what are your views on letting your dog (or dogs) sleep with you? Do they sleep with you or not? Leave a comment and let us know.




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Thursday 22nd of October 2020

i was wonderign if i shoould let kozy on my bed i will!🐕

Maxine Moore

Monday 12th of October 2020

I love sleeping with my four little dogs they sleep on top and then get under the covers when they get cold, I don’t know how people can let their dogs sleep outside, it breaks my heart when I hear of it


Monday 12th of October 2020

Me too Maxine, I feel so bad for those dogs. I always worry about them in the winter. The only exception is some big dogs actually prefer sleeping outside. Our Australian Shepherd who recently passed away at 16, loved sleeping outside. But we have a doggy door so she could come in anytime she wanted.


Sunday 11th of October 2020

Both of my girls sleep right along side of me. I take time to make sure my little Shy is tucked in and my bigger girl Bear is on the pillow beside me. I don’t currently have a boyfriend, but I will say if I get one, he’s going to have to adjust, not my girls! My love for them is as unconditional as theirs is for me😀 P.S. loved this article


Sunday 11th of October 2020

LOL, I can just picture that. I personally sleep much better with my babies beside me than another human.

De Ann

Tuesday 8th of September 2020

I love my little girl Belle to sleep with me and I believe it’s a great comfort for both of us even my hubby loves when she’s sleeping with us and it makes him more at ease since he works 3rd shift so having Little Belle with me he worries a little less about me.


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Yes, I'm sure Belle would be your alarm system and protector if need be.


Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Hi yes !!! I just got a beautiful teacup chihuahua during this pandemic and since day 1 she has slept with me in bed like a person!! It’s the cutest thing ever. I did get worried about rolling on to her ... but I think whenever I move she must move to ! LOL her name is Chanel and I love her so much. Chihuahuas love to cuddle.


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

They definitely are cuddlers!