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Lorie’s Chi Story of Leilani and Mia

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Chiweenie, Leilani, and My Chi, Mia

My Chiweenie, Leilani, and My Chi, Mia had to be quarantined in Oahu for 3 days and then sent to the Kauai Humane Society for the rest of their 120 day quarantine.

The story behind the quarantine is that we bought a house in Kauai. Hawaii is the only state in the US that is rabies-free.

All dogs and cats regardless of age , must comply with Hawaii’s import requirements.

We had to fill out a Dog and Cat Import form AQS-278 to be mailed no less than 2 weeks prior to arrival in Hawaii, a Health Certificate issued by an accredited vet within 14 days prior to arrival is required; electronic microchip must be implanted; vaccinations for common infectious agents to protect the health for all animals in quarantine; all dogs and cats will be quarantined in Oahu.

We were lucky that The Kauai Humane Society had room for our two fur babies and made arrangements for their transportation from Oahu to Kauai. Fortunately, they were both in the same kennel.

It was very stressful for me knowing our babies were always indoors, in an air conditioned environment and has doggie beds in our bedroom, office, TV room and kitchen and were now going to be in a kennel, plastic dog bed, humidity, and hearing other dogs barking and wondering where we were!

My hubby and I visited them for the whole month of August every Mon/Tues/Fri. When they arrived in Hawaii, they were only in there 67th day of 120 day quarantine. We would not get them until Sept 14!! THEN….Hawaii changed their quarantine law to only “30 days”. They were immediately released to us on Aug 30!

Poor Mia contracted Hook Worm and a spiral bacteria there. I thought she was going to die. Luckily, the Kauai Animal Clinic saved her with 3 weeks of treatment.

She is 13 yrs old and now on a chicken, broth and rice diet for the rest of her life.

Leilani, 6 yrs old, loves it too. They love their backyard which they come across roads, geckos, lizards, chickens, roosters, and various birds. ??Aloha!!

I received Mia (13 yrs old Chi) with a big bow around her neck when she was only 7 weeks old for my birthday.

Leilani (6 yr old Chiweenie) was given to us from our neighbor behind us at 7 weeks old. She was the only survivor of a litter of 4. She was flea infested, I had to bathe her 3 times that day to remove them.


Saturday 20th of October 2018

Regarding Lori’s story quarantined chis. So upsetting they had to be caged to protect Hawaii from rabies but couldn’t keep quarantined area free of bacteria or safe for dogs. Something really wrong there.


Saturday 20th of October 2018

I agree Elissa.

Saturday 20th of October 2018

Congratulations to Sybil for having two sweet and beauiful chi of the week furbabies! They are both so sweet!!