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Halloween Chihuahuas 2018

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This is one of my favorite times of year. Halloween! I just love looking at our cute little chihuahuas all dressed up for Halloween, don’t you? Although I doubt most of them enjoy it.

chihuahuas in their Halloween costumes

We had almost two hundred submissions this year for this post and I had the tough job of narrowing it down to 30. And even then I had to break it up into 2 posts.

You can get to part 2 here.


First we have a little princess with her pumpkin just waiting for a fairy godmother to turn him into a coach. Submitted by Alex Schultheiß.

2 chihuahuas in their Halloween costume as a pumpkin and princess

Next we have Superchi here. Submitted by Allison Neddow.

chihuahua in superman Halloween costume

What a cute little witch. This is Margarita, Submitted by Angela Pickering.

chihuahua in witch's costume

Sheba here is a little taco. She’s too cute to eat though. Submitted by Audrey D. Arthur.

chihuahua in taco costume

Such a cute little devil. This is Chancer and he was submitted by Christina Cardwell.

chihuahua in devil costume

Buffy is the cutest little caterpillar I’ve seen in a long time. Submitted by her mother Cindy.

chihuahua in caterpillar costume

Crystal Ruiz submitted her cute little witch here.

chihuahua in witch costume

This is Oreo looking stunning in her ballerina costume. Submitted by Cyndy Goranson Duca.

chihuahua in ballerina costume

Amanda Taillon submitted this adorable little hotdog.

chihuahua in hotdog costume

Pixie makes a cute little pumpkin. Submitted by Amanda Taillon.

chihuahua in pumpkin costume

Look at these little prisoners! This is Chai and Princess and they were submitted by Heather Marie Medeiros.

2 chihuahuas in prisoner costumes

James Sequin submitted his cute little vampire Charlie.

chihuahua in vampire costume

James Sequin submitted his adorable spider Charlie.

chihuahua wearing spider costume

Lucy looks so thrilled wearing her Halloween costume, doesn’t she? Submitted by Jannie Smith.

Lucy in her poncho and sombrero


This photo submitted by Jason Herlihy just cracked me up.

2 chihuahuas in stagecoach

Hope you enjoyed Part 1. There are more cute Halloween chihuahua photos in Part 2.

Click Here to See Part 2 Halloween Chihuahuas for 2018.

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