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Maranda’s Chihuahua Story

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Carlos the Chihuahua

My name is Maranda Zaydel and I am the mommy to three beautiful chi fur babies! I’d like to share with you the story of how I came to have my Carlos, my second “born.”

My sweet little guy was very much a mama’s boy! Where I went, he went. You see, he went to heaven just three short weeks ago…I’ll never forget the first time I saw him…my husband brought him home as a surprise.

My husband is a pretty big guy, and here he comes walking up with this one pound little pup in the palm of his hand. My heart melted right then and there! I was in love!

He was so tiny there were no clothes to fit him, so we put him in one of those teeny tiny teddy bear sweaters. He hated it! He wouldn’t even move! He looked like a doggie statue! We laughed so hard!

That never changed! He would never let me dress him! He had been the runt of his litter and was a bit “special.” (He was special to me, too!)

Carlos started to have health problems when he was three years old. We almost lost him Christmas Eve 2010, but God gave me another four years with him and for that I will be forever grateful!

He fought a long fight that ended December 29, 2014. He would have been nine on January 16, 2015. He brought so much joy to my life. I never knew how much I could love a “pet.” He was/is so much more than that. He was and forever will be my baby boy. I can’t wait until the day we are reunited!


Friday 26th of April 2019

Maranda your little boy was precious and I know you miss him. I lost my little boy Keltie in 2016, about 6 weeks after losing my husband. Keltie was 15 years old. That was a tough summer for sure. I fortunately had another chi (Kissy) to give me some comfort, although she started getting very anxious every time I had to leave her alone. I ended up adopting a chiweenie (Duchess) to keep Kissy company when I had to leave. Now I have 2 girls who get anxious whenever I leave! That didn't work out the way I planned, but I love them both so very much. I will always miss Keltie, but am grateful to have my girls. All three of my furbabies have been featured on this site, so you can read their stories here!

Judy Brandt

Friday 13th of February 2015

Our daughter rescued Mojito from a puppy mill about 4 years ago. She had five children and loved him but he wasn't as active as they would have liked so she got him a playmate. The were okay but she decided that "Mojo" was a retired peoples dog. We travel and I was so much against this "gift" but my husband of all things made it happen. Within 6 days she got another chi puppy but Mojo was ours, slept with us and went crazy when i came home. we love him beyond everything. We had to have his teeth removed because of the early lack of care but he came through it and is livelier than ever. He is now 11 and is so much a part of us I couldn't bear losing him. He weighs five pounds and sleeps with us yet. He is the love of our lives...


Friday 13th of February 2015

Great story Judy! Add your photo of Mojito or email it to me at and I'll do a post about her.