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Maureen’s Chi Story of Little Miss Twinkle Toes McWoof

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Twink the ChihuahuaAlthough I have 5 Chihuahuas, 3 of which are rescues. The one who’s story breaks my heart the most is my Little Miss Twinkle Toes McWoof (she has her own Facebook page, although I don’t write on it as often as I should).

Twink the Chihuahua

In August 2012 I happened to read a craigslist post about a tiny Chihuahua needing a new home. I asked my hubby if we could get “just one more”. (You know his answer… lol). So off we went to meet the tiny Chi in a parking lot (not a great sign, I agree) and when I laid eyes on this little girl I knew I was taking her home that day.

Twink day 2

She was so painfully thin, so malnourished it was almost too hard to look at her. They told us they were “getting rid of” her Mama too. Seeing the shape Twink (then Snickers) was in my hubby said we will take the mama tomorrow and arranged to meet them again.

We were told Twink was a fussy eater, she hated everything but chicken cut up small and they limited her intake (no kidding..).

So off we went home and I fed this poor little one a tiny amount of the food we were using (if memory serves it was FreshPet). She gobbled it down like she was starved, oh right, she WAS starved. (By the way I have not found a food that Miss Twinkles does not like!)

twink and mama 2

All this little angel did was eat and sleep; she was far too lethargic to do much else. She seemed terrified too. Until we brought home her Mommy the next day, who was not underweight like her daughter. But they both snuggled together and snoozed and snoozed and snoozed and I fed Twink many tiny meals.

twinks group shot

As she gained weight she gained an attitude, lol. Just ask Nugga and Neekie. She was terrified of my hubby when she first arrived here. If he even touched her she screamed this blood curdling scream that would scare zombies. She also hated the outdoors. She was ok being carried to the car but if her feet touched the ground it was just too scary and she would violently shake. So she uses a pee pad.

Magg and Twink in matching pink

She is a good weight now. And she (and Maggie) love wearing dresses. It is a rare day that Twink does not have a girly girl dress on. Oftentimes I get matching dresses for them. I think it is so cute that way. She is a little demon to Nugga Bunny and Neekie Pete, especially when they are all coming out for dinner (she bites their rumps as they try to dodge her).

twink and magg going to grandmas

She is hardly the shy scared starved girl who clung to me.. now she is a boisterous funny girl who loves life.. And even loves Daddy now.. as long as he doesn’t make her go outside.. LOL.




Paul & Piglet & Cooki

Sunday 17th of April 2016

How can a person treat such a lovable dog this way. I get so mad when I here stories like this. Problem is they happen way to often. Well done on the rescue.

Paul, Piglet & Cooki

Maureen Kelly

Sunday 17th of April 2016

I don't understand it either Paul, Piglet and Cooki. It broke my heart. Now she is inseparable from me. She is even on my arms as I type this, the silly girl. )Sometimes it is both her and Nugga sitting here by me when I am on the computer.. lol). Anyway I really don't understand people who are mean to any animal.


Sunday 17th of April 2016

I think some people think animals are just things without feelings.


Sunday 17th of April 2016

Thank you for rescuing this Precious bundle of love. We rescued our fur baby and she had some of the same traits that your little Chi had/has. She really was afraid of my hubby. Today they are inseparable. The only time she hates outside is if the weather is bad.

Maureen Kelly

Sunday 17th of April 2016

Aw she is precious. Twink even hates being outdoors when I am out with them. She stands on the ramp and waits to be let in. (side note: my hubby made the ramp for his old German Shepherd he had. When he had trouble going up the steps he changed them to the ramp)


Sunday 17th of April 2016

Awww, she's a cutie Sue!

Joy Hyland

Sunday 17th of April 2016

Love your chi stories.


Sunday 17th of April 2016

Glad you love them Joy!