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Mike Churchill’s Chihuahua Story

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Michael R. Churchill Sr.

These are my 3 Chihuahuas Taz, Smokey Girl, and Mr. McQueen.

I do computer repairs for a lady that breeds Chihuahuas. Two times I worked on her computers and she didn’t have the money to pay me, so she paid me with Chihuahuas.

That is how I got Taz and Smokey Girl. Mr. McQueen came from a home with little kids that would torment him and pull his tail. After weeks of this I couldn’t take it any more, so I bought him from them. He now has a safe and loving home.

My grandkids are Taz’s mommas. They take him everywhere with them. Taz and Smokey have the same father. I am the daddy to Smokey Girl and Mr. McQueen. They are my babies. Smokey is going on 2 years old and is 3 1/2 lbs. She is the real baby of the house.

Mr. McQueen is the boss of the house. Don’t walk in the house without an escort, he will attack; but after a couple minutes he will beg to be petted. Just don’t touch his tail, he remembers his previous owners.

Michael R. Churchill Sr.