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Nella’s Chihuahua Story

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Dani-D the Chihuahua with no front legs

This is Dani-D. She was born with no front legs but she doesn’t let that slow her down. She is a spunky beautiful little girl that melts everyone’s hearts.

She was my sisters dog but her job didn’t allow her to give Dani all the time she needed so she made the heartbreaking decision to give her to someone else.

She is in fantastic hands and we still visit with her and keep in contact. My sister passed away unexpectedly on 12/23/14 as the result of a police chase where she was an innocent bystander.

So now Dani means even more to us than we could have imagined because we all know how much she meant to my sister. Dani-D has a Facebook page so check it out!

Nella Hurlburt‎


Saturday 4th of April 2015

Happy Easter everyone


Saturday 4th of April 2015

Happy Easter to you too!