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On the Hunt for #BayerExpertCare

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Bayer Expert Care

Recently my dogs and I got to check out the ExpertCare™  line of health and wellness and grooming products from Bayer®. Hey. I didn’t even know Bayer made pet products. I thought they just made aspirin. Who knew?

On the hunt for Bayer ExpertCare

The first thing I had to do was take my 2 sidekicks (Kilo and my granddaughter May) with me and head down to my local PetSmart. You can actually check out their whole line on PetSmart’s web site here PetSmart’s Bayer Expert Care products but I wanted to see what the brick and mortar store had available.

Expert Care Healthy Pet Shampoo and Conditioner

I asked the first associate I saw for help where to find them and this sweet lady named Derica (who actually wasn’t a PetSmart associate but a pet food rep) took me up front and showed me the Expert Care Healthy Pet Shampoo and Conditioner. It was in the Flea and Tick Isle here:

PetSmart Flea and Tick Isle

I was kind of disappointed that was all they had in the ExpertCare line. I decided to hunt the manager down and ask if and when they planned on getting more items from the line in the store. Low and behold, they actually had more in this isle here towards the back of the store:

Health and Wellness isle at PetSmart

They didn’t quite have all the things that they carry online, but there still was plenty of things to choose from that I wanted to try.

As a pet mom to older dogs, I am always looking for anything that will make my dogs’ lives better and healthier. It was hard to decide which product I wanted to try first.

Here are some of my choices:

Bayer ExpertCare products

I was debating between the spot-on moisturizer, the ear cleanse or the itch relief spray.

This is Roxy. She has to be the sweetest dog on the planet.


Roxy has had a lot of skin allergies the past few years. We have changed her diet and that has helped a lot. A month ago, she was scratching so much, she had torn up her skin and had to wear the cone of shame for awhile.

Even though she has improved about 80%, she still scratches once in awhile. Here’s what her back looks like now:

Roxys skin condition

So I chose the Itch relief spray to try on her. I wish I had known about this stuff a lot sooner!

Bayer ExpertCare Itch Relief Spray

Anyway, I kept an eye on her and waited for her to start scratching. As soon as she did, I sprayed her with the itch relief spray.

spraying anti-itch spray

She ran off as she always does when mama is trying to put some medicine on her. But I didn’t see her scratch at all for the rest of the night. So it must have worked. I have used it a few times since then and every time she stops the scratching for quite a few hours afterwards.

I don’t know about the other Bayer ExpertCare products yet but I can say that the itch relief spray is a winner. I do plan to try a few more of their products in the next few months and I’ll report back on what we thought of them.

So which ExpertCare product would you want to try?



Saturday 14th of November 2015

I've used the ear cleanse and have found that it works better than any over the counter ear cleanse I have tried to date on Dixie's ears! Dixie has a tendancy to have moisture in her ears resulting in itching & sometimes pain. I obviously can't run to the vet everytime this happens so was desperate to find an ear cleanse that didn't cost a fortune and would work! I tried this brand and am pleased to say that after 2-3 days of using just like prescription ear cleanse I received the same results at a fraction of the cost! Clean, no more redness or pain and itch free ears for my tiny baby. I obviously can't guarantee everyone will get the same results but I do know it has worked wonders for Dixie & her allergy affected ears!


Saturday 14th of November 2015

That's really good to know Patty! I have a dog prone to ear issues so I will start using this on her.

Carol Bryant

Tuesday 10th of November 2015

We picked up the spot on moisturizer to prevent dry skin in winter.


Tuesday 10th of November 2015

I want to try the spot on moisturizer too Carol.

Carma Allen

Monday 9th of November 2015

We have never tried that itch relief spray but it is nice to know that it does help to bring temporary relief to the skin. We may pick up a bottle next time we are in the store.


Monday 9th of November 2015

Yes, do give it a try Carma, specially if you dogs have allergies or sensitive skin.