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Understanding a Dog’s Body Language

Dogs convey significant information about their feelings just by their body language. Understanding a dog’s body language helps both owners and their dogs. Although dogs can’t talk, their owners can still pick up clues on what’s going on in their minds just by reading their pet’s body language. Just like humans, dogs express feelings of …

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Can Chihuahuas Get Sunburned?

Would it surprise you to learn that Chihuahuas can get sun burn too? Even though Chihuahuas have a predisposition to warmer weather since the breed originated south of the border in Mexico, sun protection is important for these little descendants of Aztec warriors too. This article will help you prepare for safe fun in warmer …

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Should I use a Harness or a Collar for my Chihuahua?

There are so many decisions to make as a pup-parent. Along with food choices and training habits, many dog owners often struggle to choose between using collars and harnesses. Is one better than the other? Can either of these be harmful to your dog? Does it depend on the size of your pup, or their …

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