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Pat’s Chihuahua Story

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I love your newsletter and all the stories and pictures. I am a Chi Mom and I love it!Pat's chihuahua
Here is my story:

I had 2 Dalmatians for almost 14 years. When Britty, the last one passed she was 13. I was devastated.

I had already rescued a Rat/Jack when Buckshot the first Dalmatian passed. There was a huge empty space in my heart and at home. I had decided when I rescued Carolina that small dogs were more my speed now.

I found the SBRET (Small Breed Rescue of East TN) on the net. I started looking at their available rescues at least once a week.

The Chihuahua pretty much dominated the available rescues. I would write and inquire about certain ones, of course their profile was listed with their pictures.


One day I saw this tiny little white Chi with big ears, they really stood out. Her eyes were gorgeous. Her name was Twinkle. She had been rescued from a Virginia Puppy Mill and brought to East TN.
I wrote and asked about her, got a response that same day. Went online and filled out an adoption form. Made a date to visit her at a Pet Smart. They work together with the SBRET and have events to raise money and hopefully find home and foster homes for these beautiful babies.

I went to the event and as I walked in the first thing I saw was this very tiny white baby sitting in a mans lap. I knew it was Twinkle and immediately walked over and introduced myself. His name was Dean, he said “We have been waiting for you.” Twinkle had not had a life, she had lived in a cage and produced babies. She had just had surgery on her knees and hips. She was healing well and would be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

I spent the afternoon holding her, talking to her and wiping tears from eyes. I knew when I left I wanted her so much. So I made the arrangements for a home inspection. A week passed and the inspection day came.

white Chihuahua

I was so excited, I wanted to see how Carolina and Twinkle would get along. Everything went great. I had been told at first that the day would be evaluated and they would call me. When I thought the meeting was coming to an end, the 2 women said “Would you like to sign the adoption papers and Twinkle will be staying in her new home.”

I was so excited!

I have had Twinkle for 4 years on March 16th, 2014. It has been a process. She has always been such a sweet baby but it has taken these 4 years to gain her complete trust. She follows me through the house, my little shadow.

I am sure given the chance I will adopt another Chi. They have unique personalities, they are funny and they love their Mom so much!

Thank you for reading my story.

Pat McCarter

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