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Susan and Rae’s Chi Story

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Chino the Chihuahua

Hi there,

My chihuahua story started back when I was just about 12. The next door neighbors at the trailer park we stayed at during the summers had two chi’s, Pepper, an all black intact male and a female, Tina, who was a standard bred sized white Chihuahua with brown spots.

They bred the female and had 6 puppies, I chose Shadow. She looked just like Tina, the mom.

I had her for many years, she truly was my shadow.

Fast forward to 2007, I met Rae, my wife, and we decided to get a puppy together.

I found Chino, a blue merle chi; she is the most perfect dog ever. (I say this about almost every dog I’ve had lol).

She was trained by us as a puppy and then in obedient classes, she is SO smart, she knows so many words, we have to spell B.E.D., dinner, outside, and anytime we start to say ‘Do you think…..’she shoots off the couch and goes screaming to the bedroom! I’ve never seen a dog love to go to bed so much in my life.

We got her a sister dog, not a chihuahua though, a bichon-shitzu mix named Daisy.


We also have a Maine coon cat, Missy.

Missy the Chihuahua

Susan and Rae Wagner-White

Maureen Kelly

Sunday 17th of April 2016

How precious!! You have gorgeous furbabies. I love merles! My Maggie is a Silver Merle. Pictured here with Neekie Pete


Saturday 9th of April 2016

Your wee family is gorgeous and I love hearing about them all!! I am honoured to have known you for nearly 20 yrs now it must be - we first met on good old Compuserve lol I hope we meet in the flesh one day too xx