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The Story of Duchess

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I was rescued from an animal shelter a few months ago, and then Adopt an Angel (AAA) rescued me from the shelter (it was not a no-kill shelter). Someone adopted me, but after taking me to their vet and finding out I have some sort of back problem, they returned me to AAA. I was fostered by a very nice lady at AAA for a while.

In October, I was allowed to go and visit with a lady and her chihuahua, Kissy Girl, to see if they might like to make me a part of their family. The lady had seen a picture of me in Paw Prints magazine (I was called Birdie then) and thought I might be just what she and Kissy needed.

Well, lucky for me the lady decided I was just perfect for them! So now the lady is my Mommy and I have a sister about the same age as me (we are both about 9 years old).

Mommy took me to her vet for a checkup, and he told her that she was getting herself a real nice little dog – Mommy agreed! Mommy asked him if he thought I was a chiweenie, and he said no, he thought I was a chihuahua/dachshund mix. Mommy and the vet tech got a good laugh over that!

Even though I have some sort of back problem, I do not have any trouble getting around or up and down off the couch. I love to snuggle with my Mommy and give her kisses. I get really excited when she’s cooking in the kitchen. I often go in and watch Mommy cook – you never know when she might just drop something I’d like!

I like to sleep in late, and don’t usually want to go outside until I have had my breakfast. Mommy makes Kissy and me chicken and rice, and I love to have that for breakfast and dinner. Of course she also keeps kibble out for us to eat all the time too.

When I do go outside, I run really fast through the kitchen and sometimes slip on the floor because I am so excited! Mommy thinks it’s cute, but worries I may hurt myself.

Our house has a doggy door (just on the storm door), and it took me less than a day to figure out how to use it. We have a nice fenced in back yard, and there’s a big Husky that lives next door that I love to play with. We chase each other up and down the fence and have a good time. There’s also a chorkie pup named Gizmo that lives behind us, and I like playing with her too.

Just before Mommy adopted me, I figured out how to get out of the fence – twice! Mommy had to make some modifications to the fence so I don’t take myself out for a walkabout!

I’m a really friendly girl and haven’t met anyone yet that I didn’t like! I barked at one of Mommy’s grandsons when I first met him, but once he started patting me I realized he was a good guy. He’s in college, and he comes over once in a while.

I also love when my human sister comes for a visit, I love snuggling with her and giving her kisses. For some reason, her little boy Yorkie doesn’t like me. We are working on getting him to understand that I live here now and he better get used to me!

In early December, we went to visit Mommy’s son and his family. They live over 5 hours away from us. He and his wife have 4 children (from 2 to 8 years old!) and 10 cats and 2 dogs. I had a really good time with that part of our family. Their dogs are much bigger than I am, and I loved being able to play with them. I ran up and down the stairs to the fenced in part of the yard without any problems. Even Mommy’s grandchildren were great! The cats didn’t bother me, and I didn’t bother them. I was a little worried that maybe Mommy was going to leave me in a new home, but she didn’t. She brought me back home, and I was so happy to know that I am really in my forever home!


Tuesday 12th of February 2019

Duchess is still in her forever home - she's been here over 2 years now! She can't jump up onto the couch any more, but does great using the doggy steps. She is getting cataracts, so she doesn't see as well as she used to. But she still gets around just fine! We have adopted a big black kitty (she's bigger than either Duchess or Kissy Girl) since Duchess became part of our family. The cat (Moochie Kitty) wants to be friends with Duchess so bad, but Duchess is a little nervous about that. When we did the foster-to-adopt with Duchess, she had a big scratch across her nose. I think maybe she got scratched by a cat in her foster home. She still has a scar on her nose, so I can see why our cat makes her a little nervous! But all 3 girls do just fine together.


Tuesday 12th of February 2019

I'm glad Duchess is still hanging in there and doing well!