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The Timeless Innocence of Dogs

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Whether we’re living in the horse and buggy days or the digital age, the innocence of dogs has stood the test of the time. I like to think of it in those terms because it reminds me to keep it simple. If you have love in your life and food on the table, life is good. Anytime I get caught up in the noise in my head, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Life is made up of the little things. Nobody knows that better than our dogs.

As a human dad to 6 dogs, I have a ton of love in my life. I’m constantly grounded by them. Anytime I come home from work, they greet me at the door like it was the first time they ever saw me. No matter what the world did to me that day, good, bad or indifferent, their love and loyalty is unshakable. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear dogs are angels walking amongst us.

Recently, I took my dog Rocky for his usual walk to the park on a very windy day. There was an empty pizza box getting tossed around all over the place. Rocky became totally fixated on it. The pizza box made no sense to him. If you had seen him you’d think he saw a ghost or something. And the truth is, it might as well have been a ghost.

Our dogs can make sense of the ground, the grass, mountaintops, cliffs, lakes and anything nature related. What they cannot make sense of is the commercialization of the world. When I observed his actions that day I realized that a dog’s innocence is forever. It doesn’t matter what century you’re living in, dogs are and always will be our best friends.

Anytime I walk my dog Sammy, a 10 pound Pomeranian, he’s as excited to go for a neighborhood walk as he would be walking in Central Park, New York City. To him, nature is nature. And he’s right, nature is nature.

Too many times, we as people take for granted all the beauty that surrounds us. And why shouldn’t we, right ? — It’s always there. But that’s not how dogs see it. They live in the moment and they’re grateful to have that moment.

When we take our dogs for a walk, they’re not thinking to themselves, oh yeah, there’s the same trees that I see everyday. No, they’re appreciating the nature that surrounds them and has been there since the basement of time.

People are smarter than dogs, that’s true, but there i’s so much to be learned from our beloved pets too.

Ferris Bueller was right in 1986 when he said, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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