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A Duet of Superheroes: You Train a Dog or a Dog Trains You?

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The bond between a human and a dog can be even stronger than the one between humans. The relationship with a dog is so pure as it’s all based on the emotions you transmit to each other.

Because dogs mostly respond to triggers while failing to understand our language, there will be no lies or futile complications.

Ordinary people, who have never owned a dog, can’t possibly understand what I’m talking about. An overwhelming number of people believe that dogs don’t have souls and that they cannot think. And yet, some dogs are smarter than a lot of people.

Anyhow, a human and a dog is a duet of superheroes undoubtedly, a partnership that suits both peers, allowing each side to learn from each other. So, that leaves me with the question: do you train your dog or the dog trains you? Let’s see:

The Benefits of Having A Dog

I believe that it is more for us, humans, to learn from our relationship with a dog, simply because we’re the only complex beings that are able to “see the big picture”. Having a dog is a great responsibility, one very similar to having a baby.

Sometimes it can be even harder as you can’t talk reason with a dog. For this motive, you must get familiarly with dogs’ psychology.

Below, we’ll be talking about 4 great things you’ll learn by having a dog. These benefits are actually the main keys of a great life, success, and happiness. So, let’s see what exactly I’m talking about:

1. You Learn Discipline

Nothing in this world can teach you discipline as a dog can. That’s because for some people, owning a dog may be the only good enough reason to build higher levels of discipline. You see, you can’t expect your dog to be obedient and dutiful if you’re manifesting chaos around yourself.

First, you must put your life in order and develop a respectful posture. This way your dog will know that you’re the boss and it will present more respect to you.

Also, every dog’s needs must be constantly observed and dealt with (peeing, pooping, eating, affection). If you fail to provide them, your dog can never be disciplined and affectionate like you’d probably like him to be.

fawn chihuahua sitting in grass

2. Healthier Fitness Routine

When you’re living a simple life, with no animal to share your life with, you can find hundreds of excuses to not go to the gym or to leave exercises for later. Once you take into your custody a furry friend, there’s no place for excuses.

Like it or not, your friend must be taken outside to do his needs and to consume his energy, especially if he has to stay in the apartment until you regularly come back from work. That gives you the chance to walk two or three times each day without the possibility of making excuses.

3. Healthier Lifestyle

Want a healthy lifestyle? Get a dog! A dog can improve your quality of life for dozens of reasons:

  • Petting a dog reduces blood pressure and lowers your heart rate – which also means that it helps you release stress.
  • Dog owners are less likely to develop allergies.
  • You get sick less often as your immune system is constantly fighting with bacteria that your dog is bringing at home – so, your immune system is only getting stronger.
  • You’ll be happier – petting a dog or simply watching how he’s playing on his own will instantly increase the level of oxytocin in your brain, which is well-known as the “feel good” chemical.

4. You’ll Be More Responsible

As Jackson Hardwick, the HR manager at EssayOnTime and passionate animal lover suggests that “Having a dog takes as much responsibility as having a child. He needs to be walked, fed, loved, trained, and checked for issues on a regular basis.

Also, you must always have a savings account prepared, just in case something unfortunate happens to your beloved furry friend. “

In simple words, by having a dog, you’ll be forced to adopt a disciplined lifestyle that involves good time management skills. Even simpler, you’ll become more reliant and responsible not just with your dog, but with other people too.

chihuahua shaking hands

A Dog’s Benefits of Having an Owner

Of course, a dog’s main advantages of having an owner to take care of him are a warm house, food, water, and love 24/7. The other part, the training, has another role.

First off, a trained dog will be always safer in front of dangers. Secondly, he’ll be able to communicate his feelings more clearly.

Having a healthy relationship with your dog based on love and respect involves training. Now, let’s see what you can teach your dog:

  • You can teach him to be obedient and dutiful
  • You can show him how to play and socialize with humans and other dogs
  • You can teach him how to help you in various situations

Possible Disadvantages of Owning a Dog

Sometimes, having a dog is not always rainbows and butterflies. Dogs need constant training same as a kid needs to be told what to do and why he’s wrong, up until he is able to tell by his own.

Otherwise, you might wake up with a “surprise” on the carpet, get home and find your favorite pillow destroyed, or find that your dog’s listening to you only when he wants to.

But, again, you can spare all this trouble if you pay enough attention to his education, and, of course, if you educate yourself appropriately.

On the other hand, you might have to deal with fur all over your house and a lot of mud during the cold seasons.

This implies cleaning up the house every 2-3 days, and when it rains, you may want to take the dog in your arms and take him straight to the bathroom.

Anyway, all of this would be worth it. Actually, this is the least you can do for having such a unique and magical bond with your furry friend.


Having a dog is the best thing that can ever happen to you. You’ll constantly learn from each other, and you’ll be like an undefeatable team of superheroes.

Just think about that unique feeling of unconditional love. You can rarely find this in a relationship with another human. That’s why dogs are considered to be the humans’ best friends – they will never leave our side, no matter what.

So, if you don’t have a dog yet, what are you waiting for?

Jacob Dillon is a professional writer and distinctive journalist from Sydney. Being passionate about what he does, Jacob likes to discuss stirring events as well as express his opinion about technological advancements and evolution of society. Find Jacob on Twitter and Facebook.

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