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2017 Christmas Chihuahuas

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas time! Many of us consider Christmas to be our favorite holiday. I know it’s mine. I will miss having my little Kilo with me this Christmas but I’m looking forward to my first Christmas with Lucas. He’s been really excited with all the holiday activity and extra guests in our home but with all that holiday activity, comes holiday dangers to look out for.

Every year we do a Christmas gallery with pet parent submitted Christmas chihuahua photos. This year we had over 300 submissions! So it was very hard to narrow it down. They were all so adorable!

Well, enough of me rambling on, you came here to see cute Christmas chihuahuas right? Well check out these adorable fur babies below:

Our first one is Mini here doing her Christmas shopping. Love the sock monkey hat. She belongs to Anne Karoline.

Mini the chihuahua

Now this is the perfect stocking stuffer! This little guy is Cesar and he belongs to Christina J. Hansen.

Cesar the chihuahua

These 2 little Christmas babies are Jackson and Sophie and they belong to Christine Stone-Rich.

Jackson and Sophie the chihuahuas

I don’t know who this little cutie is but he or she belongs to Clare Keitt Golemon.

Christmas chihuahua

What a sweet little guy Casper is! And it looks like he celebrates Hanukkah too judging by his cool tie. He belongs to Debbie Haas Feder.

Casper the chihuahua

Such a cute little reindeer! This is Daisy and she belongs to Diane Galan Baker.

Daisy the chihuahua

Wendy Collinson owns this little elf named Louie.

Louie the chihuahua

Next we have these 2 beauties. Billy is on the left and Muffin is on the right. They belong to Dionne DeSipio.

Billy and Muffin the chihuahuas

Wendy Phillips Caudillo  says her little Finn is a such a good sport to let her put lights on him. He’s precious!

Finn the chihuahua

Don’t you just love Echo’s coloring? Donna Jones is the pet parent.

Echo the chihuahua

This little elf is named Jax. He cracks me up! He belongs to Vickie Petrulis.

Jax the chihuahua

Such a sweet adorable little puppy! Gunner belongs to Donna White Miller.

Gunner the chihuahua puppy

Sadie here is sitting pretty in her Christmas dress. Her mom is Fran Langston.

Sadie the chihuahua

Carina is on the left and Martin is on the right. Their mom is Annette Mazzarella Martin.Christmas chihuahuas

This little guy is Andy and he belongs to Gail Ross Salceiro.

Andy the chihuahua

These Christmas cuties are Lightning Bug, Chevy and Blossom and they belong to Heather Cockman.

Lightning Bug, Chevy and Blossom the chihuahuas

Princess and Chai are visiting Santa. They belong to Heather Marie Medeiros.

Princess and Chai the chihuahuas

Miss Priscilla here looks like she’s wondering if there really is a Santa Claus. Jatinder Hicks is the pet parent.

Miss Priscilla the chihuahua

Jen Wright is the mom to Mason and Pork Chop. Such handsome boys!

Mason and Pork Chop the chihuahuas

Phoebe and Penny are anxiously awaiting Christmas morning. Laura Poulos is the pet parent.

Phoebe and Penny the chihuahuas

This adorable lad is Sid in his Santa outfit. He belongs to Louise McGourty.

Sid the chihuahua

This is little Opie with his favorite reindeer waiting for Santa. So cute! His mom is Melissa Williams.

Opie the chihuahua

This is Mario (love that little tongue sticking out) and Mya. They belong to  Misty Kelley.

Mya and Mario the chihuahuas

This handsome little man under the Christmas tree is Morrison and he belongs to Sarah Cozzalio. Maybe he thinks he’s a Christmas present?

Morrison the chihuahua

I am loving this cute little reindeer who belongs to Jeannette Salas Cook.

chihuahua in reindeer outfit

This cute girl is Chiquita Maria and she belongs to Sharon Hill Kibodeaux.

Chiquita Maria the chihuahua

Last but not least we have Bella sitting on Santa’s lap. I’m sure she’s telling him what a good girl she’s been all year. She belongs to Vanessa Owens.

Bella the chihuahua on Santa

So that’s it for this year’s gallery. Which one is your favorite?

Thanks to everyone who submitted their photo and Merry Christmas to  all!

Valerie Manon

Friday 10th of December 2021

I think Opie was my favorite Christmas Chi. He is just adorable!


Friday 10th of December 2021

I agree, he really is adorable.

Jean Baldridge Yates

Friday 10th of December 2021

How can anyone choose a favorite when they are ALL so adorable! I love each and every one! Happy Holidays! Jean


Friday 10th of December 2021

I know, right!

Dog lover Emmaline

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Does Casper have eyes?!?!


Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

No he doesn't, poor little guy.


Sunday 27th of December 2020

Love the pictures. And the information .



Sunday 27th of December 2020

You are very welcome Carol!


Saturday 12th of December 2020

I have a question for Cathy and everybody else. I have read and heard many times that if your chi licks it's paws, that is a sign of a serious health issue. I have continued to read a few of these articles and it seems to be only advertising a certain dog food. My two chibabies both lick their paws. Can anybody enlighten me on this question? Thanks to all.


Monday 14th of December 2020

Florence mentioned that her vet said it could also be out of habit, or allergies.