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Chocolate Chihuahuas

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It’s been awhile since we have had a gallery post so I thought it was time to do another one. So if you are ready to enjoy some adorable chocolate Chihuahua eye candy, sit back, relax and check out these fur babies!

4 chocolate chihuahuas

First we have pretty Shelsea. Love the look she has on her face. She belongs to Roberto Hdez Albarrán.

Shelsea the Chi

Next we have Ely. I just love her coloring, don’t you? She belongs to Rosa Guzman.
Ely the Chihuahua

Here is Tank, he’s such a cutie!. He belongs to Kim Alden‎.
Tank the Chi

Here is Echo cuddling underneath her blankie. She belongs to Bob Rickabaugh‎.
Echo the Chi

This little guy weighs only 3 pounds and is 4 years old. His name is Dozzer and he belongs to Persida Caba Saker‎.
Dozzer the Chi

All I know about this Chi is that he or she belongs to Emerald Cook‎. Cutie!
Emerald Cook‎

This pretty girl is Zoey and she belongs to Jennifer Miller‎.

Adorable Monita belongs to Cynthia BC‎.
Monita the Chi

I love Coco’s pretty big eyes! She is loved by MiMi Cemile‎.
Coco the Chi

Sweet Coco Chanel belongs to Matthew and Trina White. I just want to kiss that little nose!
Coco Chanelthe Chi

Here’s little Leela guarding her chew bone. She belongs to Trish.

Leela the Chi

Adorable little Noel belongs to Gina McCoige.
Noel the Chi

Little Rey is ready for a car ride. Rey belongs to Nick Klein.
Rey the Chi

This is a photo I have in my files. I don’t know the name of the Chi or the pet parent.
chocolate Chihuahua

This is just a stock photo I have in my files. Love the little floppy ear!
chocolate Chihuahua puppy

And lastly, here is another stock photo of a Chocolate Chihuahua. What a beautiful coat!
Chocolate Chihuahua

Sooo, do you have a favorite? It’s hard to choose, isn’t it? They are all so beautiful. Leave a comment and let us all know which chocolate Chi you’d choose.
Cathy signature Chi

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