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Cynthia’s Chihuahua Story

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Ever since I can remember I have been an animal lover. It must’ve rubbed
off on my daughter because she loves animals of all kinds.

Last year my husband jokingly talked about getting a Chihuahua soon after we lost a dear Papillion named Simba that we had for over 10yrs. I was dead set against it because losing Simba broke all our hearts.

Christmas 2013 our daughter surprised her father with a little 1.5 lb chi puppy she had saved up for. His eyes lit up when he saw the puppy..  We
named him Frankie and he has taken over our hearts completely.

Frankie the Chihuahu

Our daughter has also grown very attached to Frankie and we thought we would return the

This year we surprised our daughter with her own little applehead chi puppy she named Ruby. Frankie and Ruby are getting to know each other and will no doubt be cuddle mates soon.

We just love our little ones so much.There is just something about a Chihuahua. They may be small dogs but they love bigger than any other dog I know.

Thanks for letting me tell our story,

Cynthia Shaner

Ruby the Chihuahua

margaret chisholm

Saturday 8th of March 2014

hi I just wanted to share with you I have a six and a half year old female chihuahua called Inca that I love with all my heart! I have had big dogs and cats all my life but this is the first chihuahua ive ever had. we got her because we live in a small flat and I can honestly say I would never consider getting any other breed now


Friday 7th of March 2014

adorable little one. Just want to grab him through the computer screen and taken him home.


Friday 7th of March 2014

Sweet story. Thanks


Friday 7th of March 2014

Aww your fur babies are so adorable!!! May you have many years of happiness & love with them. I have a chi and he is so spoiled, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I love him so much!!

Candice Binggeli

Monday 3rd of March 2014

That is so sweet. I have a Chi and I love him to death. He was gotten for my husband for a birthday gift last year and I'm glad we got him.