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Kim’s Chihuahua Story about her dog Pea

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Pea the Chihuahua

Hi My Name is Kim and my Chihuahua is Pea.

I was looking for a small dog that would sit on my lap. I checked into yorkies and chihuahuas. My husband and i went to several pet stores looking for just the right dog for me and although they had plenty of puppies I never found the one that I wanted or should I say the one that wanted me.

I looked up breeders on both breeds and of course there were none close to where I lived.

I finally checked craigslist where I had never been before I found a foster home for dogs only 15 minutes from my home. I called and learned that they had a couple of small dogs. My husband and I set up an appointment.

When we arrived I saw a small mocha colored chi. I looked at my husband and said that is what I am looking for.

Pea the Chihuahua

The lady put Pea in my arms and apparently I was what Pea was looking for. The lady explained that she had been a puppy mill breeder dog and was 5 years old.

I didn’t care that she wasn’t a puppy she was cuddled in my arms.

Pea the Chihuahua
We took her to our vet who gave her her shots and noticed her stomach area was very tender he said she should be spayed. When they went to spay her they found that her uterus was filling with pus and there was a sign of infection he did a hysterectomy on my little Pea.

It took two long weeks for my Little Pea to heal.

Now she is a healthy happy Chihuahua and the love of my life she follows me everywhere and I do mean everywhere.
Pea the Chihuahua

Thank you so much for taking the time to Read Pea’s story if you are looking for a Chihuahua please consider rescuing one they make great companions. They will love you unconditionally.
Kim Blair


Wednesday 9th of May 2018

Sweet story; glad you are giving Pea a good forever home. It sounds like Pea had pyometra. One of my little girls just recently had that; it's an infection of the uterus and ovaries and can be really bad. My little girl nearly died and had to have emergency surgery. She's doing great now. Good reason to spay your female dog.

C Tllinghast

Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

I have three Chihuahuas. Love them so much. Each with loving personalities of their own. We parade through the house together because they are so loyal they don't leave my side. They love one another and love my older cats. My daughter has one also that ran up to her as a stray. He is so taken with his new home with two other fur babies. Chihuahuas get a bad rap but actually they're sweet loving babies. ?


Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

You are right. They do get a bad rap. Your chis sound delightful.


Friday 1st of April 2016

This was a lovely story. I'm so glad you gave Pea a loving & caring furever home. I also have a Chi. Her name is Savannah & she's going to be 10yrs old in June. She is also the love of my life and follows me literally everywhere. Keep on loving and taking care of beautiful Pea. Best wishes to Pea, you and your husband.?