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A little Old Lady Chihuahua Stole Tabitha’s Heart

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chihuahua in red coat

I adopted a senior chihuahua 2 years ago that my best friend and co-worker had been fostering.

It all came about after a very sad time of loosing my 2 fur kids earlier that year due to different but disheartening situations. It had only been a month since the death of my last precious pet and my friend would tell me every day that I need this little Chi and how sweet she was.

sleeping chihuahua

I finally yes I want her and before I could contact the local rescue they sent her to a larger rescue in the state.  I had to quickly fill out their online application and specify I wanted this particular dog.

I was contacted very soon and they said I could have her now which was a week before Thanksgiving and have a $100 adoption fee or wait until the day after Thanksgiving when they were doing a n adoption event at Petsmart in Cincinnati where they waived the adoption fee.

chihuahua standing in grass

I told them I would wait til then so my friend and I drove up to Cincinnati to get her and it was love a first sight. I had never seen her in person and it was well worth the wait and so it became her Birthday for me and my Black Friday special.

woman holding a chihuahua

I was ecstatic to get her. Her name is Peanut and she is blind and has no teeth but is so precious and it was an instant bond.


When I come home from work and open the door, I don’t have to make a sound. She knows it’s me and goes crazy with excitement and can’t wait for me to pick her up.

She stole my her in a time where I was so heartbroken and feel so blessed to have her.

Tabitha Adkins

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