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Mexican Chihuahua Names

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According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Chihuahua originated in Mexico, making Mexican culture a good place to look for name inspiration that is unique and honors your Chihuahua’s heritage.

2 chihuahua puppies in a basket

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I have broken down names inspired by the Chihuahua’s Mexican roots into categories for your consideration below:

Names Inspired by Mexican Cuisine

If you have a favorite Mexican dish, you could find inspiration for your furry friend’s name on the menu of your favorite restaurant. Here are some commonly prepared Mexican dishes and commonly used ingredients in Mexican cuisine that have the potential to be cute names for Chihuahuas:

  • Bean or Beans, a common ingredient in many Mexican dishes.
  • Burrito, a popular Mexican dish, also a very appropriate name for a Chihuahua since the breed loves to snuggle and be wrapped in a blanket like a burrito.
  • Carnita, a popular Mexican dish made with pork.
  • Chili, a stew made with chili peppers, a popular Mexican dish.
  • Chimichanga, or Chimmy for short.
  • Chip, as salsa and chips are a common appetizer or snack in Mexico.
  • Chorizo, a Mexican sausage.
  • Churro, Cinnamon or Sugar, after the delicious cinnamon sugar Mexican desert.
  • Codigo, or Codi for short. Named for a Mexican tequila.
  • Cookie, as there are many delicious Mexican cookie recipes.
  • Garbanzo (for the beans)
  • Gordita (or Gordi for short), which is a stuffed pastry. Know that the word also means “chubby” in Spanish, so if your Chihuahua is very food motivated this name could be even more appropriate.
  • Guapo means handsome
  • Horchata, a sweet cinnamon milk drink popular in Mexico.
  • Jalapeno for the pepper.
  • Leche or Cake, short for delicious Tres leches cake.
  • Lime, often used in Mexican dishes and in delicious margaritas.
  • Machaca, a Mexican recipe involving dried meats.
  • Mango, a commonly used ingredient in Mexican cuisine.
  • Margarita, probably one of the most popular beverages world wide, this salty lime drink originated in the Chihuahua’s home land.
  • Nacho, for the tasty snack.
  • Pico (short for Pico de Gallo), a common Mexican salsa.
  • Pozole, after the traditional Mexican soup recipe.
  • Queso, after the popular Mexican cheese dip recipe.
  • Salsa, after one of the most popular Mexican appetizers.
  • Sopaipillas (Sophie or Sophia for short), after the Mexican fried pastry bread.
  • Taco, the most popular Mexican meal.
  • Tamale, after the classic Mexican dish wrapped in a banana leaf or a corn husk.
  • Taquito, after the popular Mexican dish of small tortillas lightly filled with meat and cheese then rolled up to eat.
  • Tequila, after the alcoholic beverage used to make delicious margaritas.
  • Toast (short for Tostadas), which refers to a variety of Mexican recipes that use tortillas.
Little Mexican Mug

Little Mexican Mug

Names Inspired by the Chihuahua’s Mexican Heritage and Culture

Look to your Chihuahua’s heritage and the culture of their ancestors for a unique name:

  • Abrazo, the Spanish word for “hug” or “cuddle”, very appropriate since Chis are so snuggly!
  • Amor, the Spanish word for “love”.
  • Amigo (male) or Amiga (female), the Spanish word for “friend”.
  • Aztec, since Chihuahuas used to live with the Aztecs.
  • Beso, the Spanish word for “kiss”.
  • Cortez, after the Spanish Conquistador that was part of the Chihuahua’s history from interacting with the Aztecs.
  • Fiesta, Spanish for “party”.
  • Goldie, since Aztecs are famous for Aztec gold. This name is a good idea for Chihuahuas with the classic fawn coat.
  • Noches, the Spanish word for “evening”, most appropriate for a Chihuahua with a dark coat.
  • Sol, the Spanish word for “sun”, appropriate for Chihuahuas with the classic fawn coat, or because your Chihuahua is your sunshine!
  • Te Quiero, which means “I love you” in Spanish.

Female Mexican Names

If you prefer human names for your Chihuahua, here are some of the most common female baby names in Mexico according to Baby Center:

  • Ana
  • Blanca
  • Celia
  • Cha Chi
  • Chiquita
  • Consuela
  • Elena
  • Elizabeth
  • Esme
  • Esmerelda
  • Esperanza
  • Feliz 
  • Gabriel or Gabriella
  • Gloria
  • Josefina
  • Juanita
  • Leticia
  • Maria
  • Martha
  • Muñiquita (means baby doll)
  • Patricia
  • Rosa
  • Teresa
  • Veronica
  • Yolanda

Male Mexican Names

If you prefer human names for your Chihuahua, here are some of the most common male baby names in Mexico according to Baby Center:

  • Antonio
  • Alejandro
  • Carlos
  • Chico
  • Cisco
  • Daniel
  • Diaz
  • David
  • Eduardo
  • Fernando
  • Jorge
  • Jose
  • Juan
  • Lorenzo
  • Luis
  • Manuel
  • Martin
  • Miguel
  • Muchacho
  • Pablo
  • Paco
  • Pedro
  • Poco
  • Poncho
  • Rafael
  • Raul
  • Ricardo
  • Roberto
  • Sanchez
  • Senor
  • Tomas
  • Zolander

2 sleeping chihuahua puppies

Indigenous Mexican Names

If you prefer human names for your Chihuahua, a unique alternative to main stream human names are Indigenous Mexican Names. Mexico has approximately 62 indigenous communities that are rich with culture, making these names very uncommon.

Here is a list of names from these indigenous communities in Mexico according to Baby Center:

  • Citlali, a feminine name which means “star”.
  • Iktan, a name which can be either male or female, which means “clever”.
  • Kiliwa, one of the indigenous communities in Mexico.
  • Maya, one of the indigenous communities in Mexico.
  • Quiché, one of the indigenous communities in Mexico.
  • Suré, a name which can be either male or female, which means “has heart”.
  • Tara, short for Tarahumara, one of the indigenous communities in Mexico.
  • Taiyari, a name which can be either male or female, which means “our heart”.

Closing Considerations

Chihuahuas can live for 20 years, so choose wisely, because you very well could be saying this name for the next 20 years of your life!

If you find a few names that you like, try writing out the name, calling it out around the house, and seeing if your dog responds to it.

Is your Chihuahua named after their Mexican heritage? Share their name in the comments below to help inspire others who are looking to name their Chihuahuas.


Ava Routh

Saturday 15th of October 2022

hi my baby boy is Romeo it fits him perfect cause he is A lover


Tuesday 18th of October 2022

That's a sweet name for a sweet boy!

Darlena S Wilt

Thursday 28th of July 2022

My 3lb boy his name is Codigo named after george Straits brand of tequila we call him Codi for short or Cody is another spelling


Thursday 28th of July 2022

Great name Darlena! I'll add that to the post.


Friday 31st of December 2021

My chi is LUCAS ! Love it


Friday 31st of December 2021

I love it too Bart! Lucas is a great name for a chi.


Saturday 13th of November 2021

Feliz Esperanza (she's a girl)


Saturday 13th of November 2021

Thanks Maria!


Saturday 5th of June 2021

My first Chi hi baby was born right after Taco Bell added a new item to their menu. Hence, I named my new baby Chalupa. We called him Chuppie for a nick name. Fast forward about 15 years. Chuppie had been gone for almost a year and a half. The shelter I volunteered for got in a pregnant Chi and I fostered her until she gave birth. She had a litter of 4. The girls and mama got spoken for right away, but the sweet little boy was in danger of going to the shelter. I became a foster fail and spoke for him. At adoption he was crying and I was trying to comfort him in my broken 3rd year high school Spanish. I said to him - "No crying my son". My daughter looked at me and screamed - That's his name. So that is how we named Mijo.