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More Long Hair Chihuahuas

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I’m finally doing Part 2 of our Long Hair Chihuahuas gallery post. If you missed the first post, you can check it out here: Long Hair Chihuahuas.

photos of beautiful long hair chihuahuas

Ok, so on to the sweet fur babies!

First we have Cracker. Cracker belongs to Abby Sage Rutherford.

white and red long hair chihuahua

Next we have Ana who belongs to Andrea Orton.


tri color long hair chihuahua

Andrea Orton also has Nevaeh.

long hair chihuahua

Beans looks like he or she is smiling. ? Beans belongs to Ashley Robertson.

white and red long hair chihuahua

Ashley Robertson also has Pickles. Love that name.

long haired chihuahua

Cute little PD belongs to Barb Kline-dols.

black and white long hair chihuahua

Pretty Mylie belongs to Barb Melvin. 

long hair chi

Handsome Rico belongs to Carmen Brooks.

long haired chi

Precious is simply precious isn’t she? Precious belongs to Cathy Varner Foster.

long haired chi

Howard is such a pretty boy! He belongs to Cheryl Benson.

white long hair chihuahua

Cindy Jackson is the mommy of sweet little Buffy.

fawn colored long hair chihuahua

Mooch looks like such a character (I love that name). Mooch belongs to Deb Hawrysio Nita.

sleeping long hair chi

Nico is a cutie awho belongs to Diana Guerra.

tri color long haired chihuahua

Look at these 2 fur babies! Rosalitta and To’Mater belong to Jamie Meixsell.

2 long hair chihuahuas

What a sweet little face. Little Stella belongs to Jamie Ruth.

long haired chihuahua

Ninja is such a black beauty! Jennifer Hogan Dawson is the pet parent.

black long hair chihuahua

Sasha belongs to Megan Grauso Hodges.

long hair chihuahua sitting under Christmas tree

Narelle ‘Milly’ Milnes is the pet parent to Borys. Looks like Borys is giving the camera the ‘evil eye’.

fawn long haired chihuahua

Bailey is enjoying a scenic view while riding in the car. Penny Hamilton is the mom.

fawn long hair chihuahua looking out car window

Vada looks like she’s saying “Let me sleep mom”. Vada belongs to Sharon Hill Kibodeaux.

long hair chi

Wallaby Jones (love that name) has such beautiful coloring doesn’t he? Wallaby belongs to Sharon Hill Kibodeaux.

brindle colored long hair chihuahua

Zara is quite the beauty! Zara belongs to Stark Auth.

white with red long hair chihuahua puppy

Zoom (wonder if he gets the zoomies?) belongs to Sunpeaks Skier.

black and white long hair chihuahua

So there you go. Do you have a long hair chihuahua? Or do you just enjoy looking at them? If you have one, leave their photo of them on the comments so we can all admire them!

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