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Long Hair Chihuahuas

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I have been thinking about what kind of gallery post I could do next and as I was looking at my pretty little chihuahua Lucy, it hit me. Long hair chihuahuas! Why haven’t I done a post about them before?

Long Hair Chihuahuas

Well, I’m doing one now. I got so many submissions for this, I couldn’t share them all in one post so after you are done with this post, check out part 2 of long hair chihuahuas.

The first one of course had to be my Lucy! Isn’t she beautiful?

white and red long hair chihuahua

These 2 beauties belong to Tamara Warren Gilkey‎. So cute on their little couch.

2 long haired chihuahuas sitting on tiny couch

Little Mika is taking a nap. They look like such angels when they are sleeping, don’t they? Mika belongs to Ana McClure. Ana is one of our admins in our Facebook group.

long hair chihuahua sleeping

Don’t you just love the head tilt on Bella here? She belongs to Angie Wilson.

fawn long hair chihuahua

Oh my, that little tongue just melts my heart. This is Douglas and he belongs to James Seeber.

cute long haired chi with tongue out

Bella here looks ready to play. She belongs to Anita Shade.

fawn long hair chihuahua

This pretty girl is Rosa and she belongs to Christina Beck.

long hair chi

Sasha has such a pretty white coat, doesn’t she? Sasha belongs to David F. Siesto.

white long hair chihuahua

Charlie and Bill are such handsome boys, aren’t they? They belong to Jackie Barlow.

2 long hair chihuahuas sitting outside

Here is sleepy little Ducky who belongs to Jackie Olson.

sleeping long hair chihuahua wearing green sweater

I love Clay’s freckles. So cute! He belongs to Jessica Masterton.

long hair white and red chihuahua

I love Mia’s sweet little face. She belongs to Karen Burgess.

long hair chihuahua

Sweet Molly looks very attentive here. She belongs to Kathy Vencel Clickner.

long haired chi sitting up

Panda has panda like coloring, huh? Panda belongs to Roxanne Norton.

black and white long hair chihuahua

Oliver has such pretty coloring doesn’t he? Oliver belongs to Sarah Louise.

fawn long hair chihuahua

Oh my gosh! How cute is little Oreo! Oreo belongs to Sari Kobak.

white and black chihuahua puppy

Sharon Baker is the pet parent to pretty little SadieBelle.

I love the ears on Little Debbie. And her smile! She belongs to Shirley Harris.

Nugget is a gorgeous chihuahua and belongs to Shirley Lockwood.

long hair chihuahua

Shirley Lockwood also has adorable little Penelope.

fawn colored chihuahua

What a cutie Frankie is! Tina R Mace is the dog mom.

Bella Marie is a pretty girl who belongs to Stacey Snyder.

long hair chihuahua

Chipper is such a cutie! He belongs to Trisha Holloway.

chihuahua with long hair

Last but not least with have the  gorgeous Cheech. He belongs to Vicky Gongola Nelson .

cream colored long hair chihuahua

Well that’s it for part 1. Part 2 is here.

Which long hair chihuahua is your favorite?

Oh, also I keep hearing from pet parents of long haired chihuahuas that they have a hard time finding products with long haired chis on them. So below are some great products I have found.

Doreen Cherf

Thursday 23rd of March 2023

I love the pics of long haired chis , I want to send a pic of Chanel , my long hair and I can’t find the place to put in pictures. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better . My prayers are with you . I love your page .


Thursday 23rd of March 2023

Just email me at the photo and let me know it's for the long hair post. The plugin I used to use to allow people to put their photos in the comments no longer works.


Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Hi Cathy,

As always, your posts brighten my day, thank you! I'm sorry to hear your trusted pet insurance is ending. I use Banfield for my Sassy Bell and Snow White. It is affordable and the plan I have includes unlimited office visits, vaccinations, 2 full checkups per year (blood work, poo, urine and deworm) and one dental cleaning per year. They have different plans to choose from. I would recommend if they have offices in your area!

My thoughts are with you during your chemo, never forget you are beautiful and strong!

Kind Regards,

Melissa, Sassy and Snowy


Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Thanks Melissa. I have used Banfield before but haven't done any of their plans. I'll look into it. I'm actually done with chemo. Yay! Well done with the hard 4 drug chemo anyway. I'm on a maintenance dose of 2 of those drugs until mid August but they are easy to deal with. Tomorrow I do begin 5 weeks of radiation and that's the last main treatment I have to deal with,


Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Beautiful long haired chis, could look at them all day! My beautiful sweet Rosa is a long haired chi baby and I would love to share a pic of her but do not know how, LOL Rosa is a pretty red long haired chi and she is 6 years old. She is a cuddle bug!


Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Just email me her photo Dixie at


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

I love this newsletter on chi’s as I have one of my own and all the pics of others peoples chi’s and all the titbits of news.


Tuesday 14th of March 2023

I'm so glad you love the newsletter Janet!

Doreen Cherf

Sunday 1st of May 2022

I love your page and your pictures