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Sleeping Chihuahuas

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I love watching Chihuahuas sleep. Specially my Chihuahua. But all Chi’s are fun to watch. They look like little angels when they are sleeping, don’t they?

Join me in looking at some adorable sleeping Chihuahuas.

As usual, when I know who the pet parent is and/or the dog’s name, I’ll include it under the photo.

Tank...sleeping with his Ellie...

This is Tank who is sleeping with his Ellie.  Renee Goertz is the pet mom. Does your dog sleep with a stuffed toy?


Sugar Bear the Chi

Sugar Bear the Chi who is 5 years old and belongs to Aunetti Smith.



Christine Miller Gonzalez's Chihuahua

Don’t know the name of this sleeping Chi either and the one behind him/her obviously isn’t asleep. The owner is Christine Miller Gonzalez.



2 sleeping chi pups

I don’t know anything about these 2 sleeping Chihuahua babies. they are adorable, aren’t they?

 Sleeping mom and baby Chis

I love this sweet photo of the mom Chihuahua and her pups sleeping!

sleeping chi group

Here’s a group of sleeping Chihuahuas. They look comfy!

2 sweet pups

Look at these tiny little sleeping puppies!

2 sleeping Chihuahuas

Love the coloring of these two Chihuahuas, don’t you?

stretching sleepy pup

Don’t you just love the way this little puppy is stretching in his sleep? Love him!

3 sleeping Chis

A Sleeping Chihuahua trio! Cute dogs!

3 week old Chi and mom

Such a sweet photo. The puppy is 3 weeks old. They belong to Adam Soucy.

Adela Mendoza Chihuahua

An adorable little cowboy owned by Adela Mendoza.

Andrew ClarkemThis sleeping Chihuahua mom and puppy belong to Andrew Clarke.

A pack of puppies!How are all these guys still asleep? Is it maybe they are too young to have their eyes open yet?

sleeping Chi

Here’s another sleeping Chihuahua holding a stuffed toy. He belongs to Alanna Bauer.

sleeping puppy in frisbee

Now that’s a first! Sleeping in a Frisbee.

Sleeping Chihuahua

How luxurious! I could easily fall asleep in those blankets! The Chihuahua belongs to Alexandra Carrus.

Amahra Davis' sleeping Chihuahua

This sleeping beauty belongs to Amahra Davis.

relaxed chi

This little Chi looks like she’s totally relaxed, doesn’t she?

Amber Padilla's Chihuahua

What a sweet little face. This little Chihuahua belongs to Amber Padilla.

Amelia Klawitter's Chihuahua

Last but not least is this little sleeping Chihuahua who belongs to Amelia Klawitter.

That’s it for the sleeping Chihuahua gallery. Hope you enjoyed it!



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