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Tips on Chihuahua Care

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fawn chihuahua sitting in grass
We all know Chihuahuas are small, fun little dogs that any couple or single person can own and cherish. These type of dogs are known for acting fearless and always loving their owner no matter what.

However, taking care of such a small dog can become a handful. Even more so than any other type of dog. Here are some tips that may help anyone who is planning on caring for these lovable Chis.

The first tip for caring for a Chihuahua is that they would rather be around a couple or single person, than a whole family. This may seem a bit much, however, these dogs do not like hanging around groups of people, unless they were trained correctly.

Many Chis usually don’t play well with other dogs and would rather be around a human being. If the Chi you are planning on owning didn’t grow up around other dogs, then most likely it would rather be secluded with its owner.

The second tip for raising a Chihuahua is that you don’t have to take them for walks as often as other dogs. Since they are so small, they do not require much exercise. They do need some activity every day to stay healthy so play with them or take them for a walk.

With such a small body, they will probably need to go out to potty a  bit more often than most. This is a plus and also a minus, depending on how you are looking at it. The least you could do is take them out for a walk once a day,  and if they need to potty then allow them to do so in the backyard.

The third tip for raising a Chi is that they can become very picky eaters. They would rather have the food they are most used to eating than trying out different types of cuisines. Most dogs would eat anything, however Chihuahuas are special. If they do not like the food they are given, they will not eat anything for a couple of days till they feel like there isn’t any other option but to eat the food offered.

When owners of a Chihuahua see this type of behavior, they tend to think their dog may die from starvation. That isn’t the case.

One of the best things about taking care of a Chi is that you don’t have to keep buying food every single week, because they don’t eat as much as other dogs. If it seems like they haven’t eaten in a couple of days. Do not worry, it is natural. Chihuahuas only need between 1/4 cup and 1 cup of food in a day, depending on the size, activity level , and metabolism of the dog and the quality of the food.

The final tip for taking care of a Chi is that they shed just as much as any other dog. If you haven’t groomed them regularly, they can spread hair or fur all over the carpet, couches, any type of clothing, and even your bed. It is best to groom them three to five times a week, depending on the type of Chihuahua you own. A small amount of fur would require weekly grooming and a huge amount would require daily grooming.

Have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments.


Sunday 16th of August 2020

Happy I finally found this site. Much information and many good tips on chis. Thanks.

Wednesday 18th of March 2020

Ours knows what we are going to do just by the way we dress, it's amazing, and he loves my wife more than me even though he loves sleeping against me?


Thursday 19th of March 2020

They definitely are smart little dogs.


Saturday 11th of January 2020

How often do Female Chihuahuas go into heat? My chihuahua was in heat about 6 weeks ago and now she is in heat again


Saturday 11th of January 2020

They go into heat 3-4 times a year Alice.


Tuesday 1st of October 2019

I am sooo lucky to have such an amazing little 3lb chi..I rescued her 2years ago and she is beyond words incredible..NOT ONE BAD THING TO SAY!!..not one aggresive.barky.bitey..nothing bone in her little body..We just clicked. She trusted me and we go everywhere together because she is an official service dog..Doesnt shake..just a loving..sweet..funny..little partner in crime..she loves riding on the scooter...loves the car..loves sayingvhi to everyone be it makes EVERYONE smile...What a little angel...I told her on the first day that this is the door to go out to pee..and this is the front door...An hour later. She asked to go pee...had one accident because I wasnt used to her small bladder fault!!!...All I can say is she is THE BEST...I am BLESSED.....little Tekah...she came to me after losing my 12year old cockapoo pom....what a little gift....Only ince you've had a chi do you really get it...everyone ..Luv em up cause they luv us


Monday 6th of January 2020

They say your dog will take on the personality of the owner. I have the same with my Chi.


Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

Wow Tekah sounds like the perfect little dog! You are very blessed Sharon.


Friday 22nd of June 2018

Please make sure you get dental done every year or less. We adopted Manny last year and had dental done he had several teeth pulled. Today he had 18 teeth due to bone loss in the time he was on the streets. He is 3 and has 22 teeth gone.


Friday 22nd of June 2018

Wow, poor Manny!