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Tips To Keep Your Chihuahua Safe At Halloween

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Chihuahuas are a loveable breed, but there’s no denying that they can get a bit skittish from time to time. Any loud noise or even a knock at the door can send them into a frenzy, and in all honesty, this type of stress is very bad for chis.

chihuahua sitting in Halloween pumpkin bucket

Of course, any good Chihuahua owner knows that, but many forget just how stressful a night like Halloween can be on these cute little critters.

After all, there’s constant knocks on the door followed by droves of goblins and witches screaming out for candy. Sadly, a chi doesn’t understand Halloween as well as their human counterparts, but fortunately, there’s a few things that every chihuahua lover can do to keep their little buddy safe during this holiday.

Head Out for a Walk Early

First and foremost, it’s important for chihuahua owners to take their little ones out for a walk before trick-or-treaters fill the streets. This pet safety tip goes a long way in shielding a chi from the stress of being surrounded by what look like monsters.

Of course, there’s a good chance that at least one child with a costume will be crossed at some point, but if this does happen, simply picking up the little one (the chi, not the child) until the costumed child has passed should be enough.

There are also precautions that don’t involve trick-or-treaters that should be taken on Halloween night. It’s imperative to keep chis away from anything they find interesting on the ground.
Chihuahua in witch costume
Chocolate that kids drop can kill a chihuahua if enough is ingested, and little beads off of Halloween costumes can become choking hazards. On top of all of this, the colder months mean people will likely change out the antifreeze in their vehicles. If a chihuahua licks even a stain on the ground, it can lead to serious issues.

Know your Chi’s Personality

A dog owner is the one person in the world who should know their pet best, and when Halloween comes around, it’s important for them to be honest with themselves. If a chi has been aggressive before, it’s a good idea to keep them away from the area where trick-or-treaters will be.

Any prior nipping or charging behavior should be a clue that giving the chi a chance to be around the little monsters that are banging on their door is a bad idea.

For chis that have expressed this type of behavior, simply crating them or leaving them in a separate room with the door closed until the excitement is over should be enough. For those who feel bad about this, a simple walk before the night begins should keep the chi happy while confined to a secure room away from the events of the night.

chihuahua wearing lobster costume

Rethink the Costume

This isn’t to say that it’s not okay to dress a chihuahua up for Halloween, but some definite thought should be put into the decision. It’s important not to wait until the night of to put your fur baby in their outfit. This is because the costume can cause substantial stress for the little one if they don’t particularly like being restricted.

It’s important to try to put the costume on the dog a few days before Halloween. If the chi shows any sign of resistance or stress, it’s best not to put them through the turmoil of the night.

For chihuahua that are okay with outfits, it’s still important to follow a few rules. First, removing any small parts that dangle is imperative to prevent the little one from eating them and potentially choking.

Also, costumes that have hoods or masks on them should be avoided. These outfits can make it difficult for the chi to see what’s going on around them. Even throwing some reflective tape on the outfit can decrease the likelihood of something going wrong.

Don’t Leave Your Chi Alone in Vehicle

For those individuals who have to drive their child around on Halloween, it’s important to not leave a chi inside a vehicle unattended. In reality, this is sound advice for the entire year, but since many people feel especially mischievous on this holiday, this tip is imperative.

Passersby may jump at the chance to snatch an unattended chihuahua. Even individuals who simply poke fun at the dog as they pass by can really stress out the little one. If it’s imperative to have the chi tag along, it’s important to either stay in the car at each house or carry them along.

Keep Chis Indoors

Chihuahuas, even those who are used to running free outside in their own yard, should be kept indoors during Halloween. This is true even when there is an electronic or chain link fence present. Electronic fences will not stop children from coming into the yard, and chain link fences could be accidentally left open or even climbed over by mischievous pranksters.

Some people, in an effort to avoid any stress for their chi, just lock up their fence and don’t allow anyone in. This can still, however, present dangers for chihuahuas. Passersby can throw objects over the fence to torment your dog. Even unwitting children who think they’re being nice can harm a chihuahua by tossing chocolate candy over a fence.

chihuahua dog wearing spider man costume

Check out the Yard

Halloween night isn’t the end of the danger for chihuahuas. Even if the night goes smoothly, it’s important for a chi owner to check out their yard the next day. As mentioned, any number of things could be dropped or thrown into the yard as the night progresses, and all of these could pose choking hazards or worse.

Make sure to check every corner of the yard vigilantly. Chihuahuas have better smell than humans and are much closer to the ground, so they’re very likely to find things not easily noticed if left in the yard.

Halloween is a risky holiday for chihuahua owners, but luckily, it can be a mitigated risk. Chi owners who follow these simple guidelines are likely to have Halloween pass them by without a hitch. Oh, and the little bundle of excitement known as a Chihuahua will be eternally grateful.

Rhonda R Relyea

Saturday 22nd of October 2022

All great tips for this holiday. The pics you used of Chi's costumes were so cute! I love seeing pics of your furbabies in the opening segment and so glad you had a good week and hope you have more good days than bad with all you're going through!


Saturday 22nd of October 2022

Thank you Rhonda!

Saturday 26th of October 2019

My chi said is this madonna

April neel

Saturday 26th of October 2019

My younger chi which is 5 will growl and attract my older boy chi. She doesn’t seem to have a reason to snap at his legs growl snarl and even corner him. This also over food snacks or out of know where. Then afterward or few hours they playing and etc my boy licks her face tidys her up which she seems to love. Can’t figure out the fighting she will do. She has a bad leg so jumping and etc is out for her. Which he can do. But just wondered why she will all suddenly turn on him? You have any suggestions?


Saturday 26th of October 2019

She's trying to show your male that she's top dog and the alpha by putting him in his place. When she does it, immediately tell her No in a strong voice, pick her up and put her in a different room away from the rest of you. Or if she uses a crate or playpen, put her in that. Leave her there for about 10 minutes and do not give her any attention. You may have to do this for several weeks to get through to her.