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Tricia’s Story of Tucker

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Tucker the Chihuahua on bed

My name is Trish and I wanted to share my story how I became Tucker’s mom.

I had  rescued a Chihuahua -Rat Terrier mixed dog from a foster home. She ended up having medical problems and passed away a few years ago. At that time I had a great friend whom I worked with. She was getting a new Chihuahua puppy when I lost my Trixie,  She gave me her puppy that they were to get.

Tucker the Chi

Tucker was born on Oct 29th and has been a blessing to me. He is now 3 years of age and is a great addition to our family of 6. He is loved by all of us so much. He has the best personality for a little guy.

Tucker the Chihuahua

Tricia Micheels

Boyd Marker

Sunday 27th of March 2016

That's a great story so glad you got a little too as a friend after you lost your precious for a baby lots of Happiness to all of you