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Chihuahua Gallery

Long Hair Chihuahuas

I have been thinking about what kind of gallery post I could do next and as I was looking at my pretty little chihuahua Lucy, it hit me. Long hair chihuahuas! Why haven’t I done a post about them before? Well, I’m doing one now. I got so many submissions for this, I couldn’t share …

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2018 Christmas Chihuahuas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas! And it’s time to showcase some adorable chihuahuas dressed for Christmas and ready for a visit from Santa. Be sure to leave a comment at the end and let us know which chihuahua is your favorite. First we have Donna Sue Denny with her sweet little elf Missy. …

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Halloween Chihuahuas 2018 Part 2

I hope you are ready for some more cute Halloween Chihuahua photos! If you missed Part 1, click here. First we have Roxy, the fireman, or fire dog? Submitted by Jennifer Conniff. Ralph is dressed up as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Too funny! Submitted by Jody Weinowitz Weber. This is Pinky in his baby shark costume …

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Halloween Chihuahuas 2018

Halloween Chihuahuas 2018

This is one of my favorite times of year. Halloween! I just love looking at our cute little chihuahuas all dressed up for Halloween, don’t you? Although I doubt most of them enjoy it. We had almost two hundred submissions this year for this post and I had the tough job of narrowing it down …

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Valentine Chihuahuas

Valentine Chihuahuas

Since we often do special Chihuahua galleries for different holidays, I decided it was time to do one for Valentines Day. We didn’t get as many submissions as we usually do so I added a few cute stock photos to the mix towards the end of this post. So are you ready to see some …

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