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A Guide To Help Your Chihuahua Overcome Car Anxiety

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Most dogs are hardwired to enjoy car rides, and experts say that because our canine companions are naturally sensitive and curious.

4 chihuahuas looking out the back of a car

They get particularly excited about car trips since they gain new information about their surroundings while traveling.

But if your chihuahua is more likely to cower or whine while you’re out for a drive, then it’s likely that your fur baby is experiencing anxiety or car sickness. Helping your pet to feel secure while traveling is essential for their health and everyone’s safety, so to help your chi feel better, here’s a guide to overcoming their car anxiety. 

Get a travel buddy to look after your chi

If you’re going to the vet or doing a grocery run, then you’re probably fine just driving alone with your pooch. But if you’ll be driving for hours or are going on a road trip, then you may need a travel buddy to look after your chi while you’re behind the wheel.

Your companion can comfort your crying or whining pet, so you’re free to focus on the road. If you can’t find someone to go with you, then you’ll have to take some measures to ensure that you stay safe while attending to the needs of your pet during your trip.

For instance, if you always rely on navigation apps on your phone to get to places and find your way during road trips, consider installing a GPS navigator system in your car. This device allows you to do hands-free way-finding so you can give your pet a reassuring pat once they start getting fussy during your long drive. 

Check your pet for signs of nausea

Most chihuahuas whine or cry during car rides due to nausea, so it may be a good idea to ask your vet to prescribe an anti-nausea medication to soothe your pet’s tummy. You may also want to feed your chi some canned pumpkin before leaving home as it can help to relieve an upset stomach or indigestion.

In case your chi vomits in the car, pull up on the side of the road so you can clean up, then make sure to give your pet a little water to prevent dehydration.

chihuahua looking out of a car window

Give your chi some fresh air

Traveling in a hot car can make your pet anxious, so keep the interior temperature cool and don’t put a blanket on your chi unless they need it.

Every two hours or so, open the windows to let some fresh air in, but don’t lower it to the point that there’s enough space for your chi to jump out.

Consider stopping at a park or a rest stop so you and your chihuahua can stretch your legs and go for a short walk.

If your chi feels up to it, try playing fetch for at least 20 minutes so your dog can release some of that nervous energy. Doing so will allow your chi to be more relaxed for the rest of your trip. 

Car rides should be fun for your pet, so try these tips to reduce your chihuahua’s car anxiety. In time, your fur baby will look forward to more trips, and both of you will have an enjoyable time while on the road. 

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