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Take Your Dog To Work Day: What You Need To Know Before Taking Your Chi To The Office

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What do Amazon, PetSmart, Google, Bissell and Zinga have in common? They are all pet-friendly companies that allow employees to celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day every day.

Even if your office isn’t quite as pet-friendly, management may be amenable to staff taking their pooch to the office on Friday, June 21, 2019 for national Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Recent studies have shown that pets help reduce stress in offices, lower blood pressure, and foster social interaction.

Another great benefit of pooches is that they force you off your desk.

Did you know that America is currently facing an epidemic of physical activity? Any excuse to get your circulation going and to get you out into the open air is a good one. When you’re with your little chi, however, the experience definitely becomes far more enjoyable and meaningful.

business man holding chihuahua

Preparing Your Chihuahua for the Big Day

If your boss has given you the green light for Take Your Dog to Work Day, it is important to ensure your little chihuahua will actually enjoy the experience.

Some like to stick to their humans and don’t enjoy their (or their owner’s) space being ‘invaded’ by other dogs, so preparing beforehand with socialization classes is key. Some chihuahuas love being petted by other people; others take time to warm to strangers as well.

Ultimately, it is up to you to appraise whether or not a day at work would be fun or stressful for your dog.

Your decision will also be based on how many other people are bringing their pets, the temperament of these pets, whether or not your office is closed off or open, how many dogs will be coming to work, etc.

If you decide not to bring your chihuahua, there are many other ways to become involved in Take Your Dog to Work day. You could set up a fundraiser, set up an online funding page, start a cute dog competition at work, or use social media to raise awareness about the benefits of pets in workspaces. Use the official hashtag: #takeyourdogtoworkday.

Equipment to Take

If you work a full day, it is vital to bring enough supplies to satisfy your playful chihuahua. Invest in a few fun toys, including tiny tennis balls, dental cleaning chew toys for tiny dogs, and interactive toys like plush ‘hide the squirrel’ toys. Curious chis will love pawing and biting away until they find all the squirrels hidden in the ‘house’.

You should also bring a few snacks, a water bowl, fresh water, and of course, a bed or soft blanket your chi can rest on while you work away.

tradesman at work with chihuahua

Setting Up a Play Room

Most offices have a spare room or area that can be devoted to a dog play area. For Take Your Dog to Work Day 2019, you might want to ask your colleagues to join you in creating a special place that dogs can socialize in without becoming a tripping risk for clients entering the office.

The play area can be used if an important meeting is taking place or while you are on your lunch break. Of course, your colleagues will undoubtedly line up to take care of your chi if you need to step out of the office for a while.

If your chihuahua loves other people and is sociable with other dogs, Take Your Dog to Work Day is a magnificent way to share the benefits of dogs with your co-workers.

We know that pets lower stress levels and make work more satisfying, but they also prompt desk sitters to get up, move their muscles, and get their circulation going.

By bringing just a few essentials, you can ensure your chihuahua has as fantastic a day as you will. Without a doubt, having you close all day will be a real treat for your furry BFF.