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The Little Monster?

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This video is called  The Little Monster  but this little Chi pup is just too cute to be a monster!

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Puppy Training

He’s a feisty little puppy. That’s a very common trait among chihuahuas. They just have no idea how tiny they are. Chihuahuas have so much personality and feistiness.

We don’t want to train that adorableness out of a puppy but we do want to train them to be well behaved adult chihuahuas. If you are able, it’d be a good idea to enroll your puppy in a puppy class as soon as possible. And be consistent with training at home too.

Puppy Toys

I love this puppy’s  little giraffe toy. That one looks to be made by Hartz. I couldn’t find it but I did find some similar giraffe toys.

ZippyPaws makes a pack of 3 mini giraffes you can find here. You can get the whole set which includes a little hut the giraffes live in plus the 3 giraffes here. But you don’t really need that part. 

And Kong (one of my favorite chew toy companies) makes a cute little giraffe kong toy here.

Puppy Collar

Did you notice the little collar with the bells? Those bells are a great idea. By the time they are adults, most chihuahuas learn to get out of the way when humans are walking around. But puppies haven’t learned that yet. And they are so tiny, it’s easy to injure them if a person accidentally steps on them. Having these bells on them help you to hear your tiny pup when they are near. You can buy the bells separate and just clip them on your dog’s collar or you can buy the collar with bells already attached.

Puppy Posts

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Ed and Judy

Wednesday 6th of January 2021

How much for this beautiful little guy. Where are you??


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

This wasn't my puppy. And the video is several years old so I'm sure the puppy isn't available for sale.