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12 Facts About Chihuahua Puppies

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Find out 12 interesting facts about chihuahua puppies that make them stand out from other dog breeds. Did you know that the Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed? Or that it is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua?

facts about chihuahua puppies

Even though they may be small in size, you will find that they have big personalities that make up for it. For a small dog, chihuahuas are good in the agility and obedience departments and have been named among the top ten watchdogs by experts!

Considering adopting a chihuahua puppy? Here are 12 things about Chihuahua puppies that make this little dog breed stand out from the others.

How Much Do Chihuahua Puppies Weigh at Birth?

A chihuahua puppy will usually weigh between 2 to 6 ounces at birth.

That may sound tiny, but chihuahua’s moms still often need to have a Cesarean section because the puppies’ heads are large in comparison to the rest of their size.

In the Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia, it states that if the chihuahua baby weighs three ounces at birth, then it will most likely weigh around three pounds by the time it is 18 months old and fully grown.

It is good to know your pup’s size because it can help you make more informed decisions when it comes time to choose their crate, bed, harness, leash, and other accessories the newborn chihuahua puppy will need.

Having this kind of understanding about their weight early on can also help you identify problems early if your small breed dog is underweight or overweight.

hand holding newborn chihuahua puppy

When Can You Tell a Puppy’s Eye Color?

Many puppies have blue eyes when they first open their eyes. But their eyes can also be other colors such as gold, green, gray, or brown.

Usually, they are paler when they are young but change to their permanent color between 9 to 16 weeks old.

The permanent eye color can change at 16 weeks old as well. Your chihuahua will start to open its eyes around the two-week mark.

In the beginning, the eyes will look almost foggy and have that bluish tint. The eyes are always lighter in the beginning because a puppy’s iris lacks melanin.

blue eyed chihuahua puppy

When Will My Chihuahua’s Ears Stand Up?

The ears usually start standing up at around two to three months old.

Some days one or both will be up, and the next day one or both will be down. It takes a while before they stay up for good.

If your chihuahua’s ears haven’t stood up by six months of age, then they probably aren’t going to stand up at all. And that’s okay.

Some chihuahuas have floppy ears, and they are just as cute and lovable as any other chihuahua.

When chihuahuas first come out of the womb, their ears are floppy. Remember, there really is no set timeline when it comes to when and if their ears become fully erect. Some Chihuahua pups can develop sooner, while others may take more time.

floppy ear tan chihuahua puppy walking

How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

It depends on the age of the puppy, but usually, feed them 3-4 times a day until they are a year old.

The best time to feed your puppy its first meal is around 7 in the morning, then again at noon, and around 5 for dinner.

Following this easy-to-remember timeline allows ample time for the dog’s food to digest and allows them to take one more trip outside right before bedtime.

How Much Should I Feed My Chihuahua Puppy?

Puppies should eat 50 calories per day per pound of body weight.

You shouldn’t feed your puppy adult food because it lacks certain nutrients your puppy needs for its growth.

To meet their unique nutritional needs, feed them up to four times a day. You should also be aware of the weight of your pup because this helps determine just how much food they should be getting each day.

For more tips on feeding your chihuahua, read these Tips for Feeding Your Chihuahua

two chihuahua puppies eating

How Long Does a Puppy Sleep?

Chihuahua Puppies sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day.

They will often wake every few hours for about an hour before they go right back to sleep.

To help establish a good sleeping schedule, set a routine. Before it is time for bed, offer them their final snack, give them just a few more minutes of playtime, and allow them to go outside to the bathroom one last time. You can then offer them their favorite toy as you persuade them to go to their bed or crate.

When Will My Puppy Sleep Through The Night?

Usually, your puppy should be able to sleep through the night when it’s around four months old.

If there is an upset in their routine, like if you just adopted him, if you are traveling overnight, etc., it may take longer.

Make sure to establish a bedtime routine for your newborn chihuahua puppy and be sure to take them out to potty before bed. They may need to be let out again for another potty break during the night.

sleeping beige chihuahua pup

When Do Chihuahuas Stop Growing?

Most chihuahuas stop growing and are full-grown by the time they are a year old though they will fill out some more within the next year.

A few puppies will grow a little more and stop at 18 months old.

A chihuahua puppy’s growth will usually begin slowing down between 12 weeks of age and six months.

They will be very close to their fully grown size by this time. However, they are not considered fully grown adults until they are at least one year old.

Is It Normal For My Puppy To Have a Soft Spot on His Head?

Yes, it is. It’s called a Molera, and in most cases, it will close up on its own by the time the puppy is a year old. In some cases, though, the Molera never closes up.

When Should I Start Potty Training My Puppy?

You should start house training as soon as you get your puppy.

It’s a long process, so be consistent and have patience. When potty training your chihuahua, take your puppy out very frequently – about every two hours or so. They should also be taken out right away in the morning, during and after playtime, and after they eat and drink.

Pick out a nice bathroom spot in the yard and guide your chihuahua puppy to that spot every time. Once done, reward them for their good behavior.

You can read more about housetraining a chihuahua here: Housetraining Your Chihuahua

white and tan chihuahua pooping

When Do Puppies Stop Teething?

Puppies tend to like to chew for most of their first year.

When the baby teeth start falling out at around four months old, the urge to chew on everything will increase. The adult teeth should all be in by eight months of age when the urge to chew starts to decrease.

Of course, most dogs of every age do like to chew, so be sure to have some chew toys around for them.

Did you know puppies have 28 baby teeth and adult dogs have 42? Good dental cleaning and checks are important for helping to maintain the health of your Chihuahua. Their teeth should be brushed regularly to avoid infection and tooth decay.

chihuahua puppy biting

When Can a Puppy Be Around Other Dogs?

You should start introducing your puppy to humans, other dogs, cats, and other species if they will be around them, pretty much as soon as you get your puppy.

It is a good idea to let your dog settle in first for a day or two, and I’d keep them away from unknown dogs (such as in a dog park) until they have had time to settle and interact with known dogs.

But the earlier, the better. Always supervise your puppy when he’s around other animals and children.

chihuahua puppy playing with big dog

What Are The Unique Qualities of The Chihuahua Dog Breed?

When you have a tiny breed dog like a Chihuahua, they are going to have very unique and individual needs that will have to be met for them to remain happy and healthy in their new home.

Chihuahua puppies are a tiny breed dogs but are very confident. They love to give and receive attention. Despite its small stature, this small dog grows up to be very bold.

Their wide eyes and big ears are just two of their distinctive features in addition to their small size. The ears usually remain erect and are often quite large when compared to the rest of their head and body.

A newborn chihuahua baby won’t open its eyes for a few days and will live off the mother’s milk while sleeping often.

Chihuahua puppies can be adopted as soon as three months after they are born. However, a dog breeder may want to keep the puppies with their mother until they are at least six months old.

Chihuahuas are smart dogs, and as long as you are consistent with your training and you are patient with your new Chihuahua pup, your puppy will learn what is expected of him and will soon adapt to his surroundings.

A good thing to always remember is each Chihuahua pup will have its own personality. Some may be more laid back while others may be full of energy. They can also be very stubborn, but they are protective and territorial.

It will take some time to see where your newborn Chihuahua pup falls in the behavior and personality category, but once you learn more about each other you can both create an environment that is suitable for the entire family.

More Facts About Chihuahuas

Be sure to also check out this guide that showcases all our chihuahua facts articles!

If you’re interested in what makes chihuahuas stand out from other dog breeds, take a look at these 5 reasons to choose a chihuahua over other dog breeds.



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Dorothy Nelson

Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Hi I have a 5mth old tea cup chihuahua named bleu he is very picky with he's food but I'm preserving wuth him he has brought so much joy laughter in my life any suggestions when it comes to getting him to eat ☺️


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Hi Dorothy, Try adding a little beef broth to his food. For extra nutrition, you can make it beef bone broth. If that doesn't work, you can try adding a small bit of shredded cheese.

Paula Renee Wilson

Sunday 15th of January 2023

My Chihuahua is going to have babies by any miniature Jack Russell Terrier and they due march 13 and what do I do when starts having them never did this


Sunday 15th of January 2023

Be sure you get her pre-natal care from your vet if you haven't already done so and have their number on speed dial along with an emergency vet number for after hours. Chihuahuas being so small, often have trouble delivering puppies on their own and need a C section. As for the delivery process, go to YouTube and do a search for "How to deliver puppies". There are lots of videos on how to do it. I Like this video in particular: